Google map and places are very essential for those companies that have a local presence.Top visibility on local search is essential or that traffic will simply go to competitors. For nap and places mostly we prefer google maps because google maps are one of the most frequently used local search destinations and even comes standard on many devices.
There are 7 Key point to keep in mind while doing google placers and map optimizations

  • Follow the Google Places Quality Guidelines

    To optimize the google places and maps you should meet to Google’s quality guidelines. This is the basic information google wants to see in the place and the foundation for creating a good listing. Google’s places and Map’s guidelines are short and simple

  • The key Guidelines are:
    • Be Specific you are authorized to manage the Places listing.
    • Represent your business Accurately online as well as offline.
    • Use exact location information.
  • Complete Your Places Listing

    Google recommend that you should make your Place listing as complete as possible in order to make it more attractive to searchers. Be specific to include your website URL,email, address, telephone number, hours of operations and little description about your listing.

  • Choose Proper Business Category

    There are many categories that are provided by google from which you can select your category. Google recommends that you choose more specific categories rather than more general ones.

  • Write Meaningful Descriptions

    Whatever your business is the most essential part is the description about that business. Google already uses your geography and the categories that you selected to decide which Places listings to show in response to a particular search query.

  • Include Rich Content

    Include more photographs in some places listings, giving users the opportunity to view several of a listing’s pictures. You should also use special offer like coupons, referral policy etc.

  • Encourage Customers reviews and Feedback

    When any visitor visit your website ask them to take a moment to write a review while leaving. You could also include a link to your Places listing on your website or encourage people to leave reviews when you send them emails or newsletters.

  • Integrate with Google

    Google also encourging business with Places listing to integrate those listing with a Google+ for Business account.

  • Integrating Places with Google Plus will give your business the ability to:
    • Create Posts that customers can read
    • Respond to reviews
    • Set a cover photo