Pay Per Click

PPC stands for pay per click, it is basically a model of internet marketing in which advertiser pays each time one click on their ads. It is basically a way of buying visits to our website. These are the “Sponsored links” on the search engine pages.
There are certain steps you should follow while you are doing pay per click

Identify the product you are selling

When you are going to ad or promote your business then you should know that what keyword you need to select and how much physical area you need to show your ad.

  • keyword research and PPC

    Before doing PPC you should spend some time to do keyword research. It is the most essential part of PPC.

  • Build your PPC campaign Step by Step

    For initiating PPC you need to start your ad campaign. A good PPC campaign should start with at least 10 Ad Groups, and ideally 50 or more. The more relevant the keyword and the ads in each Ad Group, the better the click through Ratio.

  • Build specific landing pages

    The add for which you are going to campaign PPC should have their own page with a very clear description. It hardly takes people three to four seconds to make their decision that’s why your page should be quick to load.

  • Ad variation

    PPC campaign allows you to have different ad variations, so you can have text ads which will increase CTR.
    by different categories of ad you can monitor any patterns showing which ad is being clicked, and which are not.

  • Report and Analytics

You should use Google Analytics or Yahoo web Analytic to help you to look at your SEO and PPC keywords. also you need to pay attention to your website bounce rates because that is a very essential indicator in PPC. The bounce target should be less then 40%. If our bouncing rate is more then 40% then you need to work on your landing page.

Refine your campaign

Always keep looking at your campaign and keep studying it and keep refining it wherever it is possible.
DO not afraid to pause keywords or Ad Groups that are not delivering a positive ROI.