About Bootstrap Training Courses

Bootstrap is a bundle of tools which is used for creating websites and web applications at free of cast. It contains HTML5 and CSS3-based design layouts for font, forms, buttons, menu navigation and all other interface mechanism, as fine as elective JavaScript extensions. Since version 2.0 it also supports responsive web designing. This means the layout of web pages adjusts animatedly, nice-looking into account the characteristics of the device used (Smartphone, desktop systems, tablet).

Official Bootstrap Themes

Take Bootstrap to the next level with official premium themes. Each theme is its own toolkit featuring all of Bootstrap, brand new components and plugins, full docs, build tools, and more.

Boostrap 3.3.7 Course Syllabus

  • Html/Html5
  • Css/Css3
Course Introduction:
  • Introduction
  • Scripts and Styles
  • Core Concepts
Why Bootstrap
  • Introduction
  • Designers and Developers
    What is Bootstrap3
    • The Mobile Web
    • Responsive Web Design
    • Mobile First Responsive Web Design
     Getting Started
    • Introduction
    • Getting Bootstrap
    • Adding Bootstrap to Page
    • What is the Grid System?
    • Using the Grid System
    • Multiple Grid Types
    • Using Multiple Grids
    • Offsets and Rows
    Bootstrap3 Basics and Components
    • Introduction
    • Typography
    • Buttons
    • Icons
    • Navs and NavBars
    • Lists
    • Tables
    • Forms
    • Page Header and Breadcrumbs
    • Button Groups
    • Dropdowns
    • Button Dropdowns
    • Using a Dropdown for a Select
    • Input Groups
    • Pagination
    Bootstrap Plugins
    • Introduction
    • Collapse
    • Accordion
    • Modal Markup
    • Modal Eventsv
    • Tab
    • Tooltip
    • Alert
    • Carousel Indicators
    • Carousel Captions
    • Modal Windows
    • Scrollspy
    • Tooltips and Popovers
    • Accordions and Carousels
     Migrating to Bootstrap3
    • Introduction
    • Overview of
    • Moving to Bootstrap3
    • Migrating the Grid
    • Migrating the NavBar
    • Migrating the Blog Entry
    Scaffolding Grid System in Bootstrap
    • Understanding the difference between default and fluid grids
    • Exploring the fluid grid and creating new rows
    • Understanding fluid offsetting
    • Nesting with fluid grids

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