What Are the Components of a Membership Site?

In order to create a membership site, you need to have certain elements in place. Luckily, getting all of these things in order is easier than you might think. Below you’ll see the three main components that every membership site needs to have:

  1. A platform like WordPress that you can build the site on.
  2. A way to restrict certain content so that only your members can access it.
  3. A way to control the overall design and layout of your site so you can organize your content effectively.

Why Should You Use This Platform to Build Your Membership Site.

One big reason to use Infusionsoft and WordPress together to build your membership site is that it’s incredibly easy.



WordPress is a very powerful and easy-to-use framework that’ll let you take your site in any direction you see fit.
The combination of WordPress and Infusionsoft lets you create a membership site in the shortest amount of time possible. Plugins like Memberium act as the middleman between Infusionsoft and WordPress. Think of it like a bridge that allows you to have Infusionsoft control access to your WordPress site.
For example, you’ll be able to do things like create free, paid, or trial memberships when someone fills in an Infusionsoft Order form.

How Do You Connect WordPress?

If you’d like to use Infusionsoft with your membership site, then you’ll need to use a plugin like Memberium to support the integration. This plugin, along with iMember360, was created to work specifically with Infusionsoft and WordPress.

All you have to do is install the plugin on your WordPress site, connect it to your Infusionsoft account, set up some membership level tags and you’re all set. With Memberium and iMember360 you’ll have access to shortcodes you can include on your WordPress pages to further customize your site and display different information to different member levels. Plus, you’ll be able to protect entire pages to a specific membership level as well.