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We build software so stores can sell more


We believe that successful online retail === a great shopping experience. What makes a great UX? Well, let’s get something out of the way first: a lot of it depends on the brand. A great shopping experience for a company who sells auto parts is very different from a boutique jewelry store.

This is where web designers and developers come in. They’re super important to crafting an amazing online shopping experience. A great designer has the knowledge to apply great techniques in a way that are tailored to the brand, the products they sell, and the people they sell those products to.

This is why we love web designers so much. Not just the ones who work on our team, but especially designers who work in studios or agencies and spend their days building eCommerce websites for brands who want to succeed. Great UX is tailored to the problem by amazing designers using wonderful tools.

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We love designers and developers


Because web developers are so important to building amazing online stores, a huge part of our mission is building tools and features for them. LemonStand is flexible enough to allow web designers to implement custom design and functionality for their clients, while not forgetting that the product must be easy enough for the retailer to use on a daily basis.

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We have a great way of building software


Do we dare call it process? We have a great process method way of building software. We’re not into perfecting any single methodology, rather we’re just focused on building great software. We understand the principles of many development approaches and we have made them part of our way of thinking and doing.

We’re agile (but not Agile). We do brief weekly meetings over a Slack call, we iterate and polish design, and we prototype, develop, and ship very regularly. We actually did a fun interview with the folks at Codetree talking  If you’re interested (you should be, if you’re wanting to join our team, right?), peruse through that.

We follow standards and keep our repositories and branches clean. We review all code that goes into production. And we believe in automated testing where it makes sense (and checklists too).

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