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Do you have any idea Why Blogs Fail — And How to Make Sure Yours Doesn’t? Blogging is a competitive marketplace. You’re continually contending for folk’s valuable online interest, when, for further than 50% of visitors, is roughly 15 seconds. However, for so many people, the advantages of blogging surpass the time, money, and effort required. It’s because, in 2019, advertisers who prioritized blogging saw a 13X increase in ROI compared to those who placed it at the bottom of the pecking order.


Blogs are a terrific method to boost brand awareness, offer engaging content, and attract new consumers in addition to generating cash. Doesn’t this appear to be a simple marketing win? That’s not the case. Before you push the ‘publish’ button on the very first piece, think about why blogs flop.

Let’s find out the reasons why blogs fail and what you must avoid to make sure yours doesn’t

Search Engine Optimization

We all understand how aggravating SEO can really be. You may spend endless hours perfecting your blog’s SEO and comprehension in order to achieve the greatest possible ranking. It could then modify the algorithms shortly afterwards you click submit. Whenever it happens, it’s a difficult day, and we’ve seen it all. A further explanation why articles flop is that they ignore SEO entirely. It’s nearly hard to find, view, and circulate your blog if you don’t use SEO. SEO continues to be the most popular method of blog traffic throughout all sectors. With natural web traffic accounting for over 65 percent of blog traffic, SEO is critical for your site. However, several SEO guidelines have remained constant over time.


Blogging requires patience; a blog article may take up to 4 hours to compose! After that, you’ll need to spend time editing what you said (no one is flawless the first time), adding images/videos, adding links, optimizing your content, and finally posting it. It is a lengthy process that is not as simple as many people believe. Posting every day or many times a week might be overwhelming for small businesses. Large organizations, on either hand, usually have quite enough personnel or blog authors to post each day.

Getting time to generate and market content is by far the most difficult task with most writers. Then simply make sure you’re updating on a regular basis to remain viable and show up in your viewers’ searching.

Lack of Content Strategy

A complete absence of meaningful, compelling material is among the chief factors why blogs under perform. In fact, 58 % of organisations consider “actually written material” to be the most significant category. If you’re not sure what a relevant article is, Google describes it as “original material that provides value to users.” This value is defined as “real content or characteristics, such as extra pricing, purchase place, or product category details.”

Content Design

Whereas the appearance of your website is vital for users to be able to browse and locate the content they need, it also aids search engines in indexing your pages for SEO purposes. If people find it difficult to traverse your sites, they are much more inclined to leave and never return. Over 80% of people are hesitant to revisit to a website after a negative experience.

Customer experience is a distinct field. So, unless you’re interested in learning about the psychology of the mind and also how we draw conclusions, you should use professional construction tools. This manner, you can give your customers a clean, simple, and fast-loading website.

So, above mentioned are the reasons why your content or blogs are not performing well and you should work on them. Hope you find it helpful.