Best Cryptocurrency exchanges in India: Buy/Sell Crypto Currency

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset or virtual currency and is based on blockchain technology. Most of the Cryptocurrencies are decentralized hence there is no interference or manipulations that can be done by the Government or any central authorities. Cryptocurrency is secured by cryptography which encrypts the data in coded language to keep it away from unauthorized access. If we talk about cryptocurrency exchange then it means where you can either sell or buy your cryptocurrency. After RBI removed its ban on cryptocurrency in India major trading volume has been witnessed in Indian exchanges.

What is the Cryptocurrency exchange?

Online platforms where you can sell or buy digital currency are called cryptocurrency exchanges. Also, you can track the constant fluctuating values of cryptocurrency in these apps they are quite simple to operate.

Why to use cryptocurrency Trading platforms?

Cryptocurrency is decentralized and that is the main reason to invest on it and if we talk about cryptocurrency trading apps then one should use them because it offers a constant analysis of digital currency market. These apps make it easy to govern each activity.

Also with these platforms, you can trade on more than one or two cryptocurrencies because you never know which will bring more profit to you or even loss as fluctuation in Cryptocurrency is quite too much.

So by following all the insights provided by these platforms you can make good and profitable decisions for yourself without investing much time.

Best Cryptocurrency exchanges in India:

1. Wazirx: Launched in 2018

Wazirx crossed the milestone of million users with a trading volume of $2.4billion which is huge and supposedly it will grow even more now as the ban has been removed by RBI on it.

The rating of the Wazirx app is 4.6 and it indeed is the best app for trading as it runs smooth and it is very easy to operate it by just adding your bank account you can add money to your wazirx wallet and buy cryptocurrency immediately.

Though for KYC it takes some time so you better signup without thinking twice.

Just by one tap with a least of 50rs investment, you can buy cryptocurrency in wazirx by using the Quickbuy feature of wazirx.

If we talk about trust then Wazirx is acquired by the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange and Blockchain ecosystem called Binance an International cryptocurrency exchange so you can trust wazirx completely. Since Binance has acquired Wazirx so now we can connect wazirx wallet to Binance and can transfer money without any fee otherwise which is expensive.

While Cryptocurrency growth is exponential wazirx backed its utility token WRX which is based on Binance Blockchain. The total supply of WRX is 1billion.

Features and benefits of Wazirx token are that if you pay a trading fee using Wazirx token then you get 50% discount on the trading fee it while it changes every year as it will be 25% in 2nd year then 12.5% in 3rd year while 6.25% in 4th year.

By doing P2P (Peer to Peer) trades one can mine, unlock or earn WRX coins.

2. CoinDCX:Launched in April 8th,2018

CEO and Founder of CoinDCX are Sumit Gupta and Neeraj Khandelwal.

 By being a Crypto-Crypto exchange, CoinDCX does not deal with any RBI regulations, like banks or payment partners. You may securely buy or sell your cryptocurrencies in the BTC/ETH exchanges. Make the most of your crypto trading talents and watch your Bitcoins’ part value rise.

CoinDCX is the country’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of liquidity, with all crypto-trading products available under one platform. It delivered the most liquidity to the Indian market by integrating top cryptocurrency exchanges.

3. Giottus:Founded in June 1st ,2017

 Giottus is Chennai – based and founded by Arjun Vijay & Vikram Subburaj.

  Giottus is a user-friendly platform designed for all levels of traders, from beginners to experts. Its simple platform  will teach you how to trade like a pro.

This platform is mainly known for its fastest KYC it takes 5 to 10 minutes for KYC in it which is best.

Giottus Cold Wallets are protected from cyber theft by a 100 percent insurance policy. They have joined with Bitgo, the global leader in custodial services, to ensure that your savings are insured.      

Their extensive liquidity ensures that you receive the most competitive rates available. Giottus is your favored trading place because of its low fees and free INR deposit and withdrawal.

4. Bitbns: Launched in December 14th ‘2017

Bitbns was launched by Buyhatke Internet Pvt. Ltd.

Only 28 digital assets, not all of the currencies accessible to trade, are eligible for margin funding and trading. BTC, EOS, XRP, ETH, USDT, and ADA are some of the most popular coins for margin trading.

There is only a fixed 0.25 percent trade cost based on volume for trading fees. Deposit costs are waived for both cryptocurrency and local currency. There are, as expected, withdrawal fees, which vary depending on the coin transacted. The charge for Bitcoin is 0.0005; for Cardano, it is 1; for Neo, it is 0; for Dash, it is 0.02, and for EOS, it is 0.01.


Cryptocurrency is growing exponentially and also RBI has now lifted the ban on cryptocurrency so it’s the right time to invest in it. And after reading this article you can decide which platform will suit you the best for trading cryptocurrency.

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