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For the past 12 years, Jaseir Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has been a prominent Magento development business, serving a diverse global clientele. We have Magento certified professionals on staff to ensure that custom Magento solutions, themes, plugins, extensions, and API integrations are delivered on time and that too under budget. So, Hire a Magento developer from us to receive dependable, scalable solutions that will boost sales and improve your bottom line and accelerate your business growth.

Hire our Magento Developer today to gain access to innovative solutions with a faster response time and experience the difference. Our Magento developers have an amazing record of developing unique Ecommerce solutions and can meet even the most complex business needs.






Magento is an open source e-commerce software programme developed by Varien Inc. that can be used to run an online store. It has a modular architecture that is adaptable. It is expandable, and it comes with a variety of control features that enable users to create websites that are both user-friendly and search engine friendly.

Jaseir Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has a team of 15+ qualified techno scientists and dedicated Magento developers who can help you with everything from theme development to foreign extension development.

Magento developers team of ours can assist you to develop your brand new or ongoing Magento E-Commerce store from start to finish. Hire Magento developers from us to give your business unique features that will increase sales and provide a positive customer experience. To employ a Magento experienced programmer, contact us today.

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Magento is one of the most popular and versatile E-Commerce systems, allowing merchants to create customized market-specific solutions for their online stores. It is a free and premium solution that offers businesses a wide range of services, from foreign extensions to prepaid themes and custom solutions. Hire a Magento developer and join a community with over 30k custom themes and MVC frameworks.

Magento wins the E-Commerce race thanks to its unrivalled customer-centric strategy and adaptable technologies. On hiring Magento Developers from us, you gain access to a wealth of development and support services for your business.

Our Magento Developers can assist with PSD to Magento conversion, customising an existing Magento theme, adding extensions, and integrating with third-party API providers to meet company needs. We adopt an Agile development methodology and a feedback-based strategy, as well as standardised development standards like GIT and Development Environments.

We have a staff of SEO and SEM experts who keep our Magento developers up to date on the newest technological advancements. To experience different and skilled optimized work Hire our Magento Developer.



For all Magento development needs, Jaseir Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers a goal-oriented strategy for selecting a Magento developer. Our specialized Magento developers pledge to offer a customer-centric Magento shop with 100 percent client satisfaction, whether you need Magento theme development, custom extension development, or continuing enhancements.

Free consultation

The first step to hire Magento Develper is a free consultation via online communication channel of your choice – skype, Hangouts, Zoom or any other you prefer.


Discussion about project details with our Business Analyst

Our Business Analyst will contact you to discuss about project and to understand your vision for Magento development project.


Finalization of project terms and timelines

We give a complete project plan that includes the best solution to the tasks at hand, as well as a breakdown of requirements into standard milestones, as well as development deadline and price.

Execution and delivery based on agile principles

Hire a Magento programmer to begin development based on Agile sprints, with daily reports sent via any project management channel that is most suitable for you. We know how to utilise Jira, Trello, Asana, and Basecamp, and we’ll use Git to commit our code on a regular basis.


Finalization of project terms and timelines

We give a complete project plan that includes the best solution to the tasks at hand, as well as a breakdown of requirements into standard milestones, as well as development deadline and price.

Project deployment and maintenance

After the development process is over, our Magento experts deploy the Magento store to the Production environment. We have a dedicated staff of Server Administrators who can properly optimise AWS or any other server to run Magento.


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Theme  Development for Magento

  • The user interface is the foundation of a successful e-commerce store. We provide Magento Theme Development services that are completely customizable, including:
  • PSD, Illustrator, or Sketch designs can be used to create a custom Magento theme.
  • Magento theme customization and additions are available for a fee.
  • Magento themes built with AngularJS
  • Magento Themes that are Mobile Responsive
extension development

Development  of Magento Extensions

  • With over ten years of Magento development experience, our specialised Magento programmers are well-versed in Magento standards and can design Magento extensions for the following:
  • Magento extension development
  • Configuring and customising Magento addons that have been purchased
  • Existing extensions have been improved and bug fixes have been made.
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Magento  Extensions Development

  • Our Magento programmers are capable of creating: Magento extension development
  • Purchasing Magento extensions and configuring and customising them
  • Extensive improvements and bug fixes have been made to existing extensions.
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Conversion  to Magento

Now is the time to hire a Magento developer so you can enhance the appearance and feel of your store while also migrating all of your existing data to Magento.

  • Migrating the Product, Order, and Customer databases
  • Other SEO chores include maintaining the URL structure.
  • Adapting the Magento theme design to our requirements

Magento  Integrations from 3rd Parties

  • Magento v1 / v2 integration with bespoke payment & shipping gateways available in various regions
  • Magento 1 and 2 with Multi-vendor platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and others
  • REST or SOAP-based integrations are supported by Magento v1 and v2 with custom software.


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