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ClickFunnels Support Solutions by Experts

We are ClickFunnels 2.0 support solutions provider / consultants, specializing in optimizing conversions. Unlock your success with Jaseir – Your trusted partner in building top-notch Marketing & Sales Funnels in ClickFunnels! Quickly transform leads into customers with our high-converting funnels, supported by strategic email marketing.

Elevate your business and boost sales effortlessly with our expert touch. We help you in creating high converting landing pages, sales funnels, make your existing funnels more appealing and optimize for peak performance, maximizing your conversion rates and return on investment and generate qualified leads. Connecting with Zapier, Webinar, Zoom, Calendly and Mailchimp to automate processes.

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Hire Us for ClickFunnels Excellence

Ready to Elevate Your Business? Hire a Virtual Assistant ClickFunnels Expert.

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We are the only India’s ClickFunnels 2.0 top rated Marketing & Sales Funnels agency and… It’s true! If you’re seeking a virtual assistant ClickFunnels expert to take your business to new heights, look no further. Jaseir Technologies is here to provide tailored solutions that align with your business goals.

Our track record speaks for itself, having served over 250 clients from diverse regions, including India, Australia, USA, UK, Europe and beyond. We believe in the global impact of ClickFunnels and the positive transformation it can bring to businesses of all sizes. Streamline your workflow and elevate your business with our specialized Click Funnels services.


Feel stuck with ClickFunnels?

We get it.

Building a high-converting sales funnel can be challenging.

At Jaseir,  we take the frustration out of the process.

Let us handle the design quirks, fix Stripe integration glitches, and

seamlessly connect your ClickFunnels leads to Go High Level or other CRM.

No more tech headaches.

It’s time to turn your vision into reality – a sales funnel that

not only looks professional but also drives real results.

Say goodbye to the struggle and hello to automated success with Jaseir!

Seamless ClickFunnels Support Services

Consultative Approach

We don’t just implement; we collaborate. Our ClickFunnels Experts work closely with you to understand your unique needs and tailor solutions accordingly.

Custom Landing Pages

Visually appealing pages that can grab the attention of visitors. Our ClickFunnels Experts design and implement custom sales funnels that captivate your audience and drive conversions.

Sales Pages

Sales pages are special web pages made to convince people to buy something by showing why it’s awesome.

Global Impact

From local businesses to international, our ClickFunnels Experts have made a positive impact on clients worldwide.

Google Tag Manager & Facebook Pixels

Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel Codes can track your visitors’ activities and the performance of your sales funnel.

Membership websites

Membership websites are online platforms where people pay to access exclusive content, services, or community features.

Personalized Service

No matter where your business is located, our ClickFunnels Experts offer global services with a personalized touch.

With Stripe Trial Charge

To increase the number of sales with Trial Charge Subscription, offer a free trial of your product.

Webinar Hosting with ClickFunnels

Our team is well-versed in the intricacies of ClickFunnels, ensuring a smooth and integrated experience for your webinars.

Skyrocket Your Success: Strategic Upselling with ClickFunnels

Discover unparalleled success with Jaseir, your trusted ClickFunnels consultancy.  We’re not just consultants; we’re architects of success, propelling your business forward through the strategic fusion of expertise and ClickFunnels innovation. Our Clickfunnels Expert team crafts seamless, high-converting upsell funnels that propel your success. Uncover untapped potential and maximize revenue with our tailored approach. Skyrocket your business with strategic upselling, powered by the expertise of Jaseir and the efficiency of ClickFunnels Sevices.

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Why Hire Our ClickFunnels Expert?

Expertise and Commitment

We are the top-rated developers with extensive knowledge and ongoing experience in creating ClickFunnels websites. We can handle our clients’ website design and development .

Designing ClickFunnels

Working as a ClickFunnels Expert, we have gained explicit knowledge and experience in developing professional ClickFunnels designs to accompany sales funnels that not only help .

Prices that are competitive

We have the best prices in the industry, and our price quoting is always transparent, ensuring that you get the best possible return on your investment.The module Advanced settings.Design settings .

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Powerful Email Marketing

We were expert in building funnels, drip campaigns, automations, lead nurturing, and more, with scores of gorgeous templates for you to use.

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Rich Membership Sites

Set up a complete membership portal,with multiple membership levels and subscription tiers, to keep your customers engaged.

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Stunning Marketing Pages

Build fully-customizable sales pages, product pages, multi-step funnels, attractive opt-in forms and much more — from a host of templates or your own designs.

Our Services as CLickFunnel Expert

Managing calendars, appointments and emails

 Product Setup

Payment Gateway integration

Full Customer Relationship Management Setup

Developing website

Building any type of funnel

Landing, Checkout and Thankyou Page

Analytics and Reporting

Set up email automations, tags, segments


White Labeling Gohighlevel

Triggered Setup

Creating, Importing and Exporting Snapshots

Automating Onboarding Processes

Triggered Setup

Membership Sites


Ad much more

Why Take Our Services

We offer a wide range of Mobile Apps, Funnel Building, Digital Marketing, Web Development & Webinar Services. We at Jaseir Technologies were serving the needs of our partners for over a decade, leveraging our diverse expertise with:

Real Content

Maximize the effectiveness of marketing activities by mobile marketing.

Funnel Building

Our funnel speacilists experts can help you in growing your business.

Highest Success Rate

We create unique designs for the branding and marketing process of your business..

Quick Support

Our team knows how to use cutting-edge technologies and strategies to provide you with world-class web development services.

Creative Work

Our Digital Marketing team can help you better promote your business, achieve your goals and easy reach the consumer.


Automation in ClickFunnels means setting up processes that automatically handle tasks in the sales journey.

Developing strong brands and corporate identities






What Our Client Say

Everyone on the team with whom I worked was enthusiastically helpful and responsive. My website is clean, neat, and effective in conveying the messages we discussed. Everyone collaborates and is extremely skilled at what they do. They are also clear and patient in assisting me in understanding how to maintain the website. I wholeheartedly recommend them.

Jaseir understands what they’re doing. I had a site concept but was still missing a lot of pieces. They collaborated with me to make it happen. The site is well-designed and works well on both mobile and desktop devices. Once the site was completed, they stood by me and assisted me in making changes as I grew and had new ideas to incorporate. Extremely prompt and helpful responses! I recommend them to all of my friends and family. It’s completely worth it.

Sarita and the rest of the Jaseir team created a fantastic new website for my company. We had a severely outdated website, and they came in, met with our partners, and came up with some great thoughts and ideas, while also taking our needs and ideas into consideration. They were also very friendly and professional. The website editor is simple to use, and the site looks great and is always up to date. Thanks!

" Arya Jon "

My interaction with Jaseir has been incredibly refreshing! Everyone I spoke with was polite, professional, and extremely knowledgeable about online issues. Jaseir had my website up and running in half the time it had previously taken, and I never felt like I was waiting forever. In today’s competitive online world, I highly recommend them!

Recent Case Studies

Behind The Story Of creative  Digital Agency


As experienced ClickFunnels experts, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table when it comes to developing professional ClickFunnels designs for accompanying sales funnels. Our team has successfully executed multiple projects, creating tailored, effective solutions for clients across various industries. In this case study we will show how our range of knowledge enables us to create sales funnels that convert, through targeting key elements that drive customer engagement. We have managed to establish a large case study over the course of our 15+ years of activity in the fields of mobile application, digital marketing, Google and Facebook Ads, and site design and development, which is now our main asset and proof of our professional expertise.


Promoting and Marketing Your Course Using Google Ads and ClickFunnels

There were good leads coming in for under $1000 daily spending. As a result, we developed a wide variety of campaigns including as

– Using in-market audience data, we put up various YouTube video campaigns targeting different geographies and demographics with targeted display ads.

– In an effort to increase our number of qualified leads, we experimented with recent additions to Google Ads, such as the Smart display campaign.

 Outcome: There has been a steady growth in the number of leads, from 250 per day to over 500 per day.


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E-Commerce Funnel Setup With ClickFunnels

Similar to Amazon, through Clickfunnel ecommerce store can be constructed.
There are product categories, divisions, and rows. When a user clicks on a product image, he is taken to the product page where he can complete his purchase.

– ClickFunnels is like a salesperson who invites customers to your business, explains the goods, and engages in aggressive selling.

– Many ecommerce platforms are like skeleton systems.
They give the structure upon which you can create your store, while the remainder consists of plug-ins and applications.

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How Coaches Can Benefit From Using Clickfunnels

As a coach or personal trainer, you may choose from a wide variety of pre-existing ClickFunnels layouts.

– Book marketing with ClickFunnels funnel The book funnel aids coaches in selling their books by emphasising the value that readers will receive and providing inexpensive tripwires when a lead has showed interest.

– Sales Channel for ClickFunnels Online Training Now after  or during Covid  fitness instructors like coaches and personal trainers are offering online courses. You may use the webinar and video series sequences already included in the online course funnel to further qualify leads and offer solutions to any problems they may have.