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Here we’ll find out 15 Things That Can Hurt Your Site Rankings. SEO is an integral part of websites in today’s digital marketing sector. Webmasters work on SEO for ranking their websites to rank on the top of search engines but sometimes while monitoring your ranking you might encounter a drop on the ranking ad in such a case you would want to know the reason. Well, there are so many reasons behind the drop in ranking like bas SEO which means you haven’t worked well on all SEO aspects. So to guide you regarding how you can work on SEO in the right manner and what may cause the drop in website ranking we created this blog and wrapped all the issues you might have faced.

The practice of optimizing a website’s visibility is referred to as SEO. It’s a set of instructions for improving your website so that it ranks higher in organic search results. It’s the process of increasing your website’s visibility in search engines and attracting visitors. Although, it is quite obvious that nobody can have got a completely optimized site as per SEO and that is fine just try avoiding things that might hurt your site ranking by following such basic steps you can achieve a good ranking so don’t make it complex. Let’s find out the 15 things that can hurt your site ranking:

Copied Content

Make sure your material is one-of-a-kind and original. Avoid releasing duplicate material on your website if you are experiencing a fall in rankings.

Content that isn’t distinctive isn’t beneficial for SEO. The fundamental reason for this is that if search engines previously have the exact information or content in their crawl, there is no need for them to index your website because it offers anything fresh or beneficial.

If you still require existing or copied content on your website or your visitors or since your goods and services demands so you should “no index and no follow” such sections so that they just do not hurt your SEO.

Paid Backlinks

Many websites and businesses could attempt to influence you to invest money in exchange for having a large number of other websites link to yours.

While acquiring reliable and well-known websites to link back to yours is beneficial to SEO, if Google detects that you are buying backlinks, it may ban your website from its search engine results. As a result, the website will not show up in any search results. Paying for connections and joining networks that sell links and assist you to disseminate your content to various sites are both bad ideas. It is not conducive to business.

Stuffing Keywords

If you feel adding keywords to your content is what makes it SEO friendly then you surely need to wake up. If you keep adding exact keywords for the sake of better ranking then it eventually works adversely as you visitors probably don’t want to read content or information that had too much redundancy and least information. So you better keep a balance of keywords and use them organically where required so do it smartly. Your keywords placement needs to be clever enough to meet SEO demand and appeal to your customers as well.

Slow websites

Present there barely any website which is slow and still getting traffic as with time and advancements visitors aren’t prepared to load any website for more than 2-3 seconds they just leave the site in such cases. If your website is slow then you need to optimize it as early as possible also your graphics are supposed to be appealing as it all will eventually make or break your ranking.

No or supposedly fewer Keywords

Now without a doubt keyword plays a major role for a website just the way excessive keywords could affect your website adversely it goes the same with lack of keywords that’s why balance is necessary. Keywords are the main element that draws visitors towards your site so it doesn’t how good your vocabulary is in your content the most basic words are necessary to be in your content as viewers always search for complex questions with very basic words and language so stay relevant and balanced.


The most frustrating thing you could try for your website is to add too many advertisements as people find it too frustrating when they can’t even read the information and all they could see is ads popping from everywhere this is the most annoying practice and if your website also persists this you better get rid of it as this is the major factor of ranking drop.

Invisible Text

It used to practice on practice to hide a link’s true origin and present various versions of a website to crawlers and visitors, but that is no longer the case. Using such a method is a very bad idea.

You should only have one edition of a page for both search engine spiders and visitors, and you must make sure that consumers can tell the difference between website content and advertisements.

Spamming comments

Website owners often pay for spamming services to leave comments on various websites with a link back to own their website. Whereas the goal is to get links to your site on some other sites that are relevant to your business, your branding might be harmed if those links are coupled with repetitive, horribly worded comments.

Constant Algorithm changes

Google is always tweaking its algorithms in order foods and outcomes. Many websites have been harmed as a result of these adjustments, and their rankings have plummeted as a result.

Use a successful cross-channel advertising and traffic strategy that combines social networking sites and other advertising strategies to avoid being hindered by Google’s changes.

Server Problems

A malfunctioning caching feature or blank mark-up provided to Google bot could be the cause of server troubles on your website. Any server difficulties must be resolved as soon as possible.

Poor Security

You must ensure that your website and software are updated fully as if there will be any chance of poor security with no strong encryption then google itself warns customers with a “Not secured” tag which eventually leads to low traffic on your website so it is better to ensure security and privacy.

Irrelevant content

When it comes to developing content for your website, you only want to include information that is relevant to your company, industry, and clients. You want your site to be viewed as trustworthy in your sector by the search engines, not anyone else’s.

Google places a high value on the viewer experiences, and if you’re providing it to your visitors, Google will notice and compensate you for it. So, when developing content for your company’s website, keep your consumers’ wants in mind as well as your company’s objectives.

Various page links are present

 It will not be of consumer liking to have websites that are overflowing with links you may receive the sense that the page’s sole purpose is to generate more clicks to certain other sites. In actuality, it won’t be useful on its own.

Low-quality links

A low-quality link is produced or acquired to alter PageRank, which seriously influences a site’s ranking in the search engines.

Receiving Low-Quality Visitors

Low-quality traffic does not immediately harm your site’s rankings, but it can have an indirect effect. If you discover that your website is experiencing a lot of low-quality traffic, it’s possible to tatouay bets from low-quality networks or unrelated sites via purchased links or bad SEO; this can have a direct influence on sales, time on page, bounce rate, and other metrics.

All of these criteria together will signal to Google that users dislike your website, potentially lowering your ranks.