How H1 Tag help in SEO Ranking

H1 tag helps a lot in google ranking. H1 is the tag that holds main headline of the page like Newspaper that is having bigger heading it attracts its reader to that point same is google doing, while crawling the page it checks for H1 tag for main headline of the page. Usually, a page should have maximum  i.e, only one H1 tag . It should usually be between 100 -160 words.

It appears at beginning of the page main text as main headline.

For example :
< h1>Hello World < /h1>
Put a meaningful sentence inside H1 tag usually a keyword.

Are H1 Tags still a Strong SEO Ranking Factor?

John Mueller, a webmaster trends analyst at Google, you can follow him as he is google representative as well

and you can follow google webmaster hangout on twitter for regular updates on ranking.

Can I Put More Than One H1 Tag on a Page?

Yes, I can, but it won’t have any effect on SEO of the page.
H1 has ranking factor, though there is no limit, your site page can run without or with upto H1 five times ranking factor, try to stick to only one!

It gives structure to the webpage, i.e, outline to the page like H1, H2, H3 so on. It provides ease to the crawler.

Proper use of nesting of topics and subtopic headings is useful by using these tags. It helps google bot what the page is about and helps in indexing and not in page ranking, Google bots handle pages well in this manner without much efforts.

H1 tags are good for SEO since they tell both search engines and website site visitors what the content of pages will be about.

It is better to place page link with other website inner pages link called inbound link or internal links.