Inbound links

Creating back links to your site from other sites. You do this to improve your website ranking in google. Inbound links can significantly improve your site’s search rankings, contain Anchor Text keywords relevant to your site and are located on sites with high Page Rank

Inbound links also called as interlinks were backlinks that point to your site and search engines like Google, Bing like it when you have thousands of links pointing to your site but sometimes Google penalizes as well if you have poor quality and irrelevant backlinks point to your site.

Many factors contribute to how a page rank in search engine results, from the meta tags assignment to the number of inbound links a site has.

But if your content is rich with information and unique, then chances are that people will link to your site and there are more chances that those links will be  “dofollow” and you will get some free and targeted traffic to your site.

 Inbound links that are “dofollow” also increase your website’s PR and  SERPs and are considered healthy for any blog or website.

Google’s Webmaster Tools is a free tool  that can be used to see the inbound links that pointing to our site. To view a sample of who links to our web page, we need to run this query on Google:


Each additional inbound link for a web page always increases that page’s PageRank. Web pages are important themselves if other important web pages link to them.