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For bespoke websites, themes, API integrations, plugins, and more, hire a WordPress developer. We have a team of 55+ WordPress developers dedicated to providing scalable WordPress solutions to startups, agencies, and businesses. To design an interactive solution for your business, hire a WordPress programmer from Jaseir Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Our WordPress developers can readily handle business-specific needs like theme creation and plugin development, among other things. Clients who hire a WordPress developer from us gain access to cost-effective and customised solutions.





WordPress is a widely used PHP-based content management system (CMS) that allows celebrities, artists, enterprises, and Fortune 500 firms to represent their brands online. It includes a large number of ready-to-use themes and plugins. Clients can also employ a WordPress Plugin developer to create unique solutions tailored to their specific business needs.

We’ve been delivering “Hire skilled WordPress developers services” for the past ten years of WordPress development. Our WordPress developers can create responsive, SEO-friendly, interactive, and error-free business solutions for the WordPress platform. Our team can also develop unique WordPress websites using the Headless architecture.

When you hire WordPress developers from us, you’ll get bug-free, secure, and unique custom solutions for your WordPress site, as well as unequaled maintenance.

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WordPress has made it possible for anyone to create a website and publish content with only a few clicks. WordPress is the open-source CMS platform of choice for blogs and corporate websites due to its ease of use. Clients can also use WordPress to integrate 3rd party plugins and themes. Clients can also engage a WordPress developer to build custom plugins for their websites.

Hire Jaseir Technologies’ WordPress Developers to gain access to industry-specific and high-quality solutions for your company. Send us a text today to hire a WordPress Plugin developer from our WordPress development firm and gain access to unique solutions that can meet your business’s needs.

If you manage numerous WordPress websites, one of our powerful ‘WordPress Multisite Plugin for WooCommerce’ can be of interest. To offer high-quality services, our WordPress developers use an agile development strategy.

We value our clients’ opinions and keep in touch with them on a regular basis. Our software is bug-free and compliant with the most recent industry standards. PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are among our specialties.



We make every effort to ensure the project’s quality, stability, and security. Our WordPress experts always provide the appropriate blend of creativity, competence, and expertise to create high-performance products for our distinguished clients in a variety of industries.

Free consultation

You can easily book a free consultation with our skilled WordPress developer if you have any project ideas. We can communicate with you via Skype, Hangouts, Slack, or a phone line if that is more convenient for you.

Discussion on the project

Our business analyst will contact you at a time that is convenient for you to discuss the project further. They will completely examine your project in all aspects and then provide you with quick and effective solutions that meet your requirements.


Make a final decision on the project’s terms and conditions

Our business analyst will prepare a complete proposal for you, including a timeline and cost estimate for completing your project. This proposal will be entirely based on the requirements of your project and your company objectives.


Execution simple & Delivery of Projects

Our WordPress programmers consistently follow the current trends and coding standards when completing projects. They always use the best coding methods when completing your project. We always provide the client with a bug-free and well tested project.

Maintenance and Delivery

A 90-day support period is included with our development services. We can provide a professional WordPress developer to handle WordPress and related plugin upgrades, secure backups, security scanning, and other tasks for the client.


Development of WordPress

WordPress is a powerful development platform.
It’s both a blog application and a content management system that’s available for free.
We provide WordPress development services at a reasonable price in order to create effective and attractive WordPress websites.


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Web design  for WordPress

Our WordPress developers create a user-friendly website that is easy to manage and packed with SEO tools based on your vision. When you hire a WordPress developer from us, you’ll get the following benefits:

  • Creating a WordPress Website from the Ground Up
  • WordPress Development from PSD/Sketch/AI
  • Services for Blog Development by Professionals
  • Bug fixes and feature enhancements
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Setup and Customization of a WordPress Store

Hire a competent WordPress developer to help you set up and customise your WordPress store. The following are some of the things that our WordPress developer will help you with:

  • WordPress Theme Configuration & Domain+Hosting
  • Integration & Customization of Paid WordPress Themes
  • WP Version Upgrades & Web Store Enhancement
  • Setup and Optimization of a WooCommerce Store

Theme Development for WordPress

With their proven abilities, our professional WordPress developers assist you in creating a responsive theme that perfectly fits your requirements. To achieve the following, hire a WordPress theme developer:

  • Coding that is well-structured and bug-free
  • WordPress Theme Development That Is Responsive
  • Themes that are fully functional and optimised for search engines
  • Themes that have been validated by the W3C and are of high quality have been delivered.

Plugin/Module  Development for WordPress

Our WordPress plugin developer will assist you in creating strong plugins that will allow you to customise your eStore. WordPress plugin developers provide the following services:

  • WordPress Plugin Designed to Meet Your Business’s Needs
  • Development of Advanced WordPress Plugins for Commercial Sales
  • WordPress Module Development with a Lot of Features
  • WordPress Solutions that are highly secure and customised
Plugins for WordPress migration

WordPress migration

Do you want to switch to WordPress? Our skilled programmers can assist you with migrating your existing store to the WordPress platform in a simple and trouble-free manner. The following are some of the services we provide:

  • Make the switch to WordPress. CMS that is simple to use
  • There will be no loss of search rankings as a result of the migration.
  • Services for Design Replication
  • During the website migration, there will be no data loss.
wrodpress support

Support and Upkeep for WordPress

We provide you with a specialised WordPress developer who will assist you with post-project changes and maintenance duties. If you hire a specialist WordPress developer, you’ll get the following benefits:

  • Uptime for WordPress websites is 99.9%.
  • Website Usability Testing
  • Within 1 business day, a bug will be fixed.
  • Team that is highly responsive and easily accessible


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