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Thinkific Developer

We turn your ideas into an exciting Thinkific Fan Funnel Course Website. Our Thinkific Developer can help upgrade your course or membership site into a complete package of courses, building better relationships with your students.

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Jaseir Thinkific Developer

Hire the Most Skilled Thinkific Developer for Your Team

Site Design and Development

We can customize your Thinkific School site , We can create any custom feature for your Thinkific site as a certified Thinkific Development Expert. We can design a unique experience for your students / customers using exceptional front-end development skills, which will help you convert more and boost engagement with your material.

Custom Feature Development

For your requirement of custom Apps / Featuresure, we create a complete solution. We create apps using Thinkific APIs and our full-stack expertise. We customize your theme that fit your design requirements. If you’re running an online course or a membership site with Thinkific, we will help in improving site design, speed so you can reach your full potential.

3rd Party Tools Integration

If you use Thinkific then we want your site members to be so enthralled by the experience that they ask for more from you.
We can connect your site data to  your existing services, like Activecampaign or other CRM, Zapier, and payment
automation vendors.

Our Thinkific Services

✓ Build Online Learning Websites

✓ Tailored Education Tools

✓ Connect with Other Systems

✓ Create Unique Courses

✓ Develop E-learning Apps

✓ Mobile-Friendly Learning

✓ Link with Other Software

✓ Customizable Education Platforms

✓ Online Course Software Solutions

✓ Engaging Course Content

✓ Gamify Learning Experience

✓ User-Friendly Design

Jaseir thinkific developer

We are Thinkific Developer…

Jaseir Technologies provides customized thinkific development services and help clients to conceptualize, plan all-in-one platform to create, market & sell your online courses. We provide support for audios, videos, PDF, text, HTML, voice over slide presentations, surveys, quizzes, and downloadable attachments. Alongside we have also provided 3rd party content tools like Articulate, Captivate, Type form, Google Docs and many more. We have team of expert thinkific developers.

Thinkific is known as an all-in-one online learning management system enabling anyone to quickly create and deliver stunning courses on their own branded site. Whatever your goal is, to educate customers, to sell courses to make sales or to simply grow your brand and engage your audience, Thinkific makes it easy and turns it into reality quickly and effectively.

Our Thinkific Development Services

Custom Course Design

Tailored courses that align with your brand and engage your learners. 


User-Friendly Navigation

Our development services focus on creating a user-friendly interface.

Custom API Development

Build and integrate custom APIs to extend Thinkific’s capabilities.

Branding and Theming

Make your Thinkific site an extension of your brand.

Mobile Optimization

we optimize your Thinkific site for mobile devices.

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics for data-driven insights into learner progress.

Integration and Functionality

Enhance courses with integration of payment gateways.

LMS Migration Services

Efficiently transfer courses from other systems to Thinkific.

Membership Site Setup

Membership sites with restricted access to premium content.

Create some incredible outcomes.


Your members will never want to leave your site if it has been thoughtfully designed to provide clarity, convenience, and connection.

Many of our clients’ online course or membership businesses generate multiple seven-figure incomes.

You may be able to get there with a site that simply looks fine, but it is lot easier and faster to grow when it is purposefully created around your products and customers.


Jaseir thinkific developer

Do you need customization with your Thinkific Course Website?

Jaseir Thinkific developer

We know the platform inside and out as Certified Thinkific Experts, and help you not only with setup (or migration), but also with strategic planning. Instead of trying to do everything from scratch, we specialise in online course and programme experiences, automation, and marketing, as well as leveraging your particular skills. We are expert in settingup for you in thinkific:

Track of payments and transactions
Students can login through their own account and track their individual progress
You can see analytics and reports of lecture completions,quiz scores, video engagement, and more
Send out emails to students from the Teachable platform
Sales page leads students right into the curriculum after purchasing

Build your online courses to next level



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Define and document the project’s objectives, functionalities, and constraints through communication with clients, ensuring a clear understanding of user needs.

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Customized Design

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Create the architectural and structural blueprint for the software based on the gathered requirements, specifying system components and their relationships.

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Optimized UX

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Conduct rigorous testing to identify and rectify errors, bugs, and defects in the software, ensuring it meets the specified requirements and functions as intended.

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Translate the design into actual code, following coding standards and best practices to build the software system according to the project specifications.

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Release the developed software to the production environment, making it available for end-users. This phase involves installation, configuration, and data migration.

Our Featured Case Studies

Discover how Jaseir stands out in Thinkific services. Check out our case studies to find success stories and see the impact of our custom solutions.

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What Our Client Say

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Jaseir from Mohali worked wonders with our Thinkific course design. Their personalized touch and engaging features turned our content into an immersive learning experience. Highly recommended

–  Chloe Williams

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Big thanks to Jaseir’s team in Mohali for their culturally sensitive and innovative Thinkific course design. The personalized touch made learning incredibly engaging.

Aarav Patel

kajabi developer

Continuous improvement is key, and thanks to Jaseir’s Thinkific expertise , our educational journey has been exceptional. Ongoing support has truly made a difference!

Sophia Rodriguez