What is the ALT Attribute?

Alt Attribute – Alt Attributes  is text that describes an image and were helpful for search engines. This makes images with alt attributes more easy to be found.

Alt Tag

Alt – alternate text for image

< img src=”shirt.jpg” alt=”shirt”>

For any reason if image is not showing like misspelled in image name of src attribute then it will show corrupted image, so alt tags will be displayed in place of image if image file not  loaded.

As we define alt tag with image then in case of missing image it will show text defined inside alt tag.

We can define purpose / content of image using alt tag.

<img src=”shirt.jpg” alt=”shirt for mens”>

<img src=”logo.jpg” alt=”Jaseir Logo”>

Alt is most important part of image, that helps in optimization of images as well.

Image search query on search engines in images section will give traffic to images of our website as per user query on search engines. It should be short, neat and clean, without hyphens, images get indexed in this manner so our images will appear in top of search results and helps increase of traffic on our website.

Image caption and title we can also give, within img tag.

We should try to put image at top, in our blog post below main title heading given in H1 tag, that will help in crawling of images for search engine bots.

Also, we should create site map for images as well. There is a plugin for XML sitemap for images.
When we place images on website we should use image compression tools in that way they load fast and reduces site loading time.