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Here we’ll talk about 4 Google podcast manager features. Google Podcasts Manager is a free tool for monitoring your podcasts on Google. All you need to do is sign up for a Google Account and podcast feed.

Once your profile is suspended, you will be able to access the publisher dashboard. Here, you can see important details about how well your system works, including hard-to-find data such as when listeners start and stop listening, the exact types of devices they use (e.g., mobile phone compared to speakers), and when the audience received your listening. show.

Outside of the dashboard, Google has launched a Podcasts publisher forum for publishers. Here, you can link to other podcasts to learn tips and tricks to improve your podcast on Google.

What is Google Podcasts Manager

The Google Podcasts administrator is not the host of the podcast, which means you cannot record or send your podcast directly with this program. Instead, the Manager focuses on monitoring the success of your existing show.

Yes, many strangers are watching your every move. However, Google Podcasts Manager offers a different, perhaps more in-depth look.

Most strangers allow you to submit your podcast directly to Google Podcasts, which means it should still appear in Google search. However, Google Podcast Administrator confirms this is possible and provides you with information you would not otherwise see.

4 Google Podcasts Manager Features

Let’s dive deeper into the features of Google Podcasts Manager and what makes this tool so incredibly important to publishers.

Google Tweet About Google Podcasts Manager

Audience Details

Can’t see the results with your podcast? Want to know how to duplicate your one amazing episode? The audience information feature is where you will find all the interesting data. You can see exactly what episode attracted someone to the search and when you came down with just a look. It does not end there. You can also see the exact search terms someone used to find your podcast.

Talk about powerful things

Podcast SEO is more important than ever, and as Google releases this tool, it magnifies why you need to control what conditions your content is placed on online.

Back in the statistics dashboard, you can skip between different page views to see program or episode level statistics and bright device divisions, play counts, segment storage, and more.

Audience Insights

Here’s a quick overview of the various levels of the page in Google Podcasts Manager:

Display page: prediction page for display level statistics

Display level charts: charts for the number of times a user is listening for at least five seconds each day and the total number of daily listening times

Episodes table: total number of meaningful games per episode, the total number of games in the first 30 days, percentage of episodes listened to, and average episode length broadcast or downloaded

Update Podcast Information

Whether you are a podcast operator or a single creator, you may need to update your podcast below the line.

Although your podcast host usually updates this automatically, this is not always the case, and some podcast apps and administrators make you skip between a billion hoops to update your experience. Google Podcasts Manager makes this process straightforward.

For example, you may need to change your RSS feeds when changing strangers, such as this podcaster from Anchor to the Podbean.

Update Podcast Information

You can also request a refinement of your feed to ensure that all information is updated immediately after changing the logo or description.

Google Podcasts Administrator Features – Update Podcast Information (verification request)

Get Your Podcast Identified on Google

If you want to find your podcast in search results, the RSS feed for the podcast and the homepage must be identified by Google.

What does “index” mean?

This is where Google spiders found your podcast and episodes, processed the information, and stored it. Then, when someone searches for something related to the podcast articles, your episodes (if appropriate) will appear in search results.

The Google Podcasts Manager makes the whole process hot.

To check if your program is targeted, open Google Podcasts and search for your show.

Not there?

You can fix that in one of the following ways:

Check that your plan is published with your hosting service.

Verify ownership with Google Podcasts Manager.

Request a listing for your homepage and RSS feeds with the Google Search Console.

Remember, after submitting a successful index request, it may take up to one week for the podcast to be fully controlled.

Manage Your Feeds With Google Podcasts Manager

Not all podcasts have a single RSS server.

You may have fed on a variety of topics such as personal development, real crime, or veganism.

You can have a second that contains all of your episodes or one that contains your most recent episodes.

If you have multiple RSS feeds, you want Google Podcasts Manager to choose the best one to feed. By using the podcasting tool, you can let Google know which feed best represents your show.