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The pandemic was an unprecedented shock in 2022. More than two years later it serves as the backdrop to an everyday life journey. Billions of humans around the globe have adjusted their routines to this new time reality. The human potential to adapt is truly remarkable.

New behavioral structures—driven by lockdowns and physical distancing—have reshaped our collective psyche. A global health crisis has exposed outdated economic, social systems and political. For the foremost time since the Industrial Revolution, we have had the facility to reimagine our nation. Here are five cultural trends that will shape up the next decade.

After some years of the pandemic and multiple lockdowns, what does the future hold for consumers in 2022? Our Director of Trends EMEA Moriarty picks four social and cultural trends to expect in this year timeline and beyond as Social and cultural trends

Provide an escape from the world uncertainty Even when COVID-19 will no longer be a concern, humans will still need to blend at-home and in-venue experiences. The replica of releasing films in cinemas and on digital platforms will continue, with streaming services looking for new premium models to monetize non-cinema views. There could be a certain potential backlash against this from viewers who already paid for streaming services, and from those in the film industry who expect financial compensation build on cinema box office revenue. However, there is an important ability to enhance viewer experience on all platforms through customization, on-demand, AR and more as humans crave enjoyment everywhere as Social and cultural trends

Demand for data collection transparency

Live music will profit from a renewed craving for communal experiences, and while music streaming will continue to be the norm for most, demand for old forms of listening will be becoming more significant as nostalgia meets demanding for humans who need the comfort of familiarity. Importantly, all streaming platforms across all entertainment, channels will want to be much more transparent about how they utilize, share and store their users’ data – people want to be much more in control than ever before as Social and cultural trends.

Virtual and augmented reality becoming mainstream

Virtual reality (VR) and the progress of the metaverse might suggest a future of travel without leaving the home, but the simple fact is that humans crave experiences, especially those they do share – and holidays offer this. There will be certain wariness about various locations and the inconvenience of quarantining, but humans will adapt and look at new places to visit. Rather than utilizing new technologies to replace travel, brands will utilize these to offer support – try before you fly, via the medium of virtual Reality. Transport options will become a chunk of the experience, with autonomous vehicles, previously-unaffordable and smart-connected planes luxury alternatives becoming a chunk of the ‘standard’ experience in order to improve traveler numbers as Social and cultural trends.

Demand to a package that has a life journey after utilization

Sustainability and circular economy principles will become a chunk of the fashion and beauty industries, with second-hand and rental options in the former, and the demand of expectation/reusability and refills in-store in the latter. Humans will demand more significant measures from brands in those industries focus specifically on the influence of production and manufacture on the climate crisis, and move away from brands that are too slow to change as Social and cultural trends.

Humans have come out of the pandemic

with a good awareness of the uncertainty of the nation and how matters do change overnight – self-protection is the middle facet of well-being and health demands, as lifestyles change to certain protection against any future crises or pandemics. To support this we would see a continued move from wanting to look good to wanting to feel real good, in all walks of life cycle – and mental health help will be necessary as Social and cultural trends.

Regional will continue to dominate

in movies, music, and shows. There was an interesting statistic that offer us a image of 2022.  Top music tracks on Apple Music India for 2022 was Punjabi tracks. Plus, the progressing adoption of movies and regional shows across video streaming platforms has led to a unique circumstance that will further accelerate. What was once considered regional content is now mainstream/national content. Its adoption is now at par and, in many manners progressing beyond the mainstream. And this curve will rise up further in 2022 as Social and cultural trends.


Mindfulness and Wellness won’t be a perimeter conversation piece. It will be central to how we purpose as a generation. We will wear our mindset on our sleeves word for word. What we consume, how we dress, what we listen to, and all ends of famous culture will not just be about how we need the globe to see us but as much about how we feel from the inside. mindfulness and Wellness will be central to all ends of famous culture (and drive up the next place of business opportunities) as Social and cultural trends.