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According to SmarterHQ, 72% of clients only interact with personalized messages. Consumers won’t object if the content isn’t specifically chosen to meet their demands. Personalizing it becomes even more crucial as a result. If you give personalization a little push, the results are sure to be brilliant! The simple things will make an impression on potential customers and provide you with a competitive advantage. Customization is no longer simply a good thing to have, it’s a need if you want to have a spot in the game.


The topic of sustainability has been in the news recently. And businesses are picking up their phones to take advantage of this to increase conversions. It’s high time businesses adopted the same philosophy as consumers grow more conscious of being socially and environmentally responsible. And their marketing needs to make this clear. Provide environmental content, discuss your company’s use of eco-friendly methods, and make sustainability an integral part of your brand’s identity.

A staggering 40% of survey participants said that businesses should contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Customers are segmented

One marketing trend that is anticipated to grow in 2022 is grouping your customers according to their age, gender, geography, and other characteristics. Customer segmentation is not a new concept, but it is becoming more widespread now. It is simpler to target advertising efforts and obtain greater results when you divide your consumer base into smaller segments.

Such segmentation facilitates personalization, which lowers advertising costs while increasing returns.

Using Videos

The usage of video content to engage users is fantastic. Articles containing at least one video receive 92% more traffic than those without. While scrolling through it, a video that starts playing right away is more likely to attract someone’s attention than a long text. We recognize that watching videos could seem like a bit of a cost. Who nonetheless claimed that you needed expert videos? Use previously created teasers from webinars and other events. Even better, ask internal teams to develop product tutorials, which are an excellent method to explain how your product operates. You just need to choose how to get started and share your ideas with the world because the opportunities are endless and so is the content you require!

Voice Lookup

Marketing professionals need to take note of the fact that voice search has grown significantly over the past few years. According to WebFX, 55% of users use voice search to find new businesses. This marketing fad is only going to intensify and shows no signs of slowing down. Smart speaker sales are booming, which supports this idea!

Whatever industry you are in, you must optimize your website for voice search. Your content must be organized to respond to a voice searcher’s question. You won’t fall behind if you start today by optimizing voice search!

Purchasing Posts

Social media has evolved into a potent tool for marketing, and it is now a fantastic platform for online shopping! Nowadays, social media posts can link straight to products, assisting consumers in making immediate purchases. And setting it up for businesses is just as easy! All you need to succeed on these social networking sites is a business account. You are now free to start selling your goods.

Web Security

Consumers are more informed than ever today. Additionally, they must be assured that their data is protected. It is essential to stay current with new security measures because of this.

When you gain your customer’s trust, you establish enduring bonds with them. A website must be reliable and secure, especially when financial information is exchanged. Sales are boosted by endorsements and promotions from influencer marketing. So when the same is done by big influencers on social media, the effects are spectacular! Additionally, modern marketing includes leveraging business analysts, content writers, and others in addition to micro-influencers and celebrities. resulting in a broad influence on the populace. Influencer marketing is a powerful strategy in today’s marketing and a wonderful technique to produce high engagement rates.


Today’s consumers are pickier about the brands they identify with. You only need to look at the Black Lives Matter movement to realize how customers want businesses to actively stand out against injustice. Not only this, but other topics have gained prominence and called for companies to take a stand, such as a gender wage gap, LGBTQ equality, ethnic minorities, and more! According to Accenture, 41% of consumers have stopped shopping at stores that don’t value diversity and inclusivity. Businesses must now be a cause for good change rather than merely being complacent. This marketing fad has the potential to increase goodwill and foster interpersonal trust. For any firm, this obligation of taking a stand and supporting goodness has a far greater impact than advertising. Influencer marketing will become a widespread marketing strategy.

In 2022, influencer marketing truly took off, and we forecast that this trend would continue into 2023. Why? 89% of marketers who use influencer marketing will grow or keep their investment in it in the upcoming year. Additionally, 17% of marketers want to make their first investment in it the following year. When marketers work together with thought leaders and influencers in their sector, they can raise brand awareness and win supporters from the influencer’s audience. Have trouble paying a celebrity influencer with millions of fans? That’s okay. Micro-influencers are used by more than 56% of companies that use influencer marketing.