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The landing page for Woorise is a wonderful illustration of how to make a detailed landing page without tiring out the visitor. This is largely due to the way the content is organized—into discrete, little pockets under clear headers. The visual cues on this page are something we particularly like because they are quite evocative and great for aiding in the proper digestion of the information they accompany. A human touch is added to the testimonial section by including the customers’ photographs in addition to their words of praise. I don’t know about you, but we’d much rather read a testimonials section where the names are associated with real people.


The landing page for Shopify is undoubtedly one of the better examples available. The headline makes it quite obvious what buyers may expect from Shopify and leaves no room for interpretation. A next thing is a lead form with only one input field and a graphic that precisely summarises Shopify’s offer. Visitors are offered a free 14-day trial as a perk for completing the sign-up form here. The landing page continues below with a three-point summary of how users may get started with Shopify, followed by a FAQ section that answers frequently asked questions.


Calm perfectly captures its brand ethos, which is what makes it so fantastic. The goal of Calm is crystal clear in both the headline and the copy. The preference center, however, maybe the feature that most people will find intriguing about this landing page. To be given items and services that are specifically related to their problem statement, new visitors can choose one that is most relevant to them. We think that this is a really smart strategy.


Customers have a particular place in their hearts for brands like Airbnb that stay current on sociopolitical issues and aren’t afraid to show their support for important causes. In this case, Airbnb has created a unique area on its home page for refugees escaping the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The visitor is presented with a variety of customized travel destination suggestions as they scroll down; the suggestions are made depending on the visitor’s current geographic location. The landing page is primarily visual, which makes it aesthetically pleasing and fairly engaging.


The landing page for muzzle has to be one of the funniest you’ll ever see. The landing page informs the visitor of what the muzzle does and confirms the claim by continuously displaying a barrage of hilariously embarrassing notifications. You’ll find yourself gripping your sides and fighting back fits of hysterical laughter while firmly supporting the argument muzzle is making. There isn’t anything better than welcoming brand-new clients by making them smile, is there?

CD child

CD Baby is a music distribution company, and the landing page effectively communicates its corporate identity through its aesthetics. The language is succinct and direct, providing readers with all the information they require about the business. When seeking distribution for the first time, most new musicians frequently have questions regarding the way royalties are calculated. On its landing page, CD Baby has a dedicated film that addresses this specific subject. The portal also has a strong testimonials section, which amplifies the appeal of CD baby’s offer.

Home Row

The landing page for Row House checks all the necessary boxes: it is simple to use, has plenty of images, an engaging title, smart writing, and a testimonials section. Also, the “Strength In Numbers” section provides visitors with a concrete understanding of the kind of market influence that Row House has been able to achieve.


Managing international money transfers, With a calculator that shows visitors how much processing fees they would have to pay and an expected date by which the recipient would get the transferred money, Wise directly addresses the burning question that the majority of people would have before approaching it.


GOBY knocks it out of the park with its landing page, easily ranking among the most aesthetically stunning options in this array. The value proposition is excellent, the language is clear and compelling, the graphics are stunning, and the testimonial sections include well-known news portals rather than actual customers. What more could a landing page possibly provide?


Codecademy’s landing page is flawless, with a clear title, a visually clean design, and a simple lead form. There is a part on the page specifically designed for people who are unsure about how to use their coding skills in practical situations. You can take a questionnaire right here to obtain personalized course and career suggestions.


When one first visits Nauto’s landing page, the hero section’s video immediately grabs their attention. By the time you get to the end of Nauto’s presentation of the problem description and solution in chronological order, you’ll be compelled to find out more about the company.


The landing page for Avocode is very impressive. We’ll start by praising how effectively they used white space; doesn’t it just make every piece on the page stand out more prominently? Next, it would be negligent of us not to highlight that endearing and charming illustration. Don’t you feel more at peace the instant you notice it?