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Apparels and dresses account for the lion’s share of all things sold online in India. Apparel and clothing materials account for over 35% of total income earned by internet sales. Ladies’ clothing, men’s clothing, and children’s dresses are all examples of apparel. To lure more customers, fashion houses are dumping their catalogs online and offering discounts all year. There’s something for everyone online, whether it’s a craze, a niche, or haute couture.

Cell phones

Mobile phones are popular commodities sold on eCommerce platforms. All brands and models that are accessible on the open market are also available online. Buyers can easily compare models online before purchasing their preferred handset. As of July 2022, 600 million cell phones had been sold in India, making them one of the most popular goods in the country. Rising disposable income, cheaper internet, and the need to continuously keep connected have propelled India’s smartphone market.


Purchasing a book from an offline store may be time-consuming. It is both easier and less expensive for a buyer to find a seller of their desired titles on eCommerce sites. Books from Indian and international publishers, both fiction and nonfiction, are available on eCommerce sites. DIY, self-help, and motivational book sales skyrocketed during the pandemic.


Many firms have been selling stationery online after the lockdown. You can sell bespoke, print-on-demand, and unusual stationery online that is not commonly found in stores. Office supplies and stationery have surged significantly as businesses reopen their doors after an almost two-year hiatus.

Consumer Electronics

eCommerce sites are fantastic platforms for purchasing and selling consumer electronic goods such as televisions, refrigerators, home theatres, digital cameras, and so on. India is anticipated to become the world’s fifth-largest consumer durable market by 2025. Demand for these items has increased as newer models and IoT-enabled consumer electronics have become more popular.


Online is maybe the finest location to search for and purchase footwear. Shoes, slippers, sandals, and sneakers for both men and women are available in a wide range of styles. People can select from prominent brands from around the world. You may browse the latest footwear collection online and choose a pair that is the perfect combination of style, comfort, and quality for yourself. You can select from a variety of brands. A large collection is available online. Men’s footwear includes oxfords and monk straps, while women’s footwear includes sharp stilettos, wedges, peep-toes, ballerinas, and more.


Purchasing exclusive jewelry goods across counters might be a difficult task. Customers can buy a variety of jewelry designs online, ranging from handmade to antique, lacquer to meenakari. The procedure of picking desired things and purchasing from global leaders is made simple by eCommerce websites.

Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories are the second most popular product type sold online after jewelry. Indians frequently purchase belts, handbags, purses, wallets, headbands, scrunchies, and watches online. Customers also want to buy trendy fashion accessories online, such as scrunchies, chokers, midi rings, and tattoo sleeves. These products are also among the most popular in India, particularly among the younger generation of consumers.

Beauty Supplies

Skincare items such as creams, lotions, face masks, moisturizers, and scents are popular commodities marketed online. Haircare products such as gel, cream, color, shampoo, dryers, and so on are popular on eCommerce sites. Users are becoming more interested in cruelty-free products and skin-friendly cosmetics

Computer Hardware and Software

Computing products and accessories popular in online stores include desktops, disc drives, printers, scanners, mice, and switches. Customers can get the market’s top brands at drastically reduced prices. Portable storage devices, data card readers, laptop covers, webcams, and other desktop gadgets are also popular in the online marketplace.

Games and Toys

Toys for children can be found in plenty on the internet. Traditional games like snakes and ladders and scrabble, as well as the latest remote-controlled cars and helicopters, are available at eStores. There is something for everyone, from educational toys to lego sets and mechanical toys to cuddly toys for babies. Toys are available for everyone, not just children.

Essentials for Personal Hygiene

The pandemic has had an impact on our purchasing habits as consumers. Personal hygiene items that people may have previously purchased in physical places are now increasingly being looked for online. Furthermore, the epidemic has raised the emphasis on personal cleanliness, which began with a rise in demand for sanitizers, face masks, disinfectants, surface cleaners, hand washes, and so on. Furthermore, feminine menstrual hygiene has received increased attention, with many women moving to reusable goods such as menstrual cups, reusable cloth pads, and so on.

Items for the Home

Home Décor is one of the fastest-growing eCommerce segments and one of the most popular products in India. Indians are more likely to buy at home since they have greater disposable cash and a taste for high-end things. Online stores sell drapes, cushion covers, furnishings, flower vases, table mats, tea coasters, rugs, carpets, and wall hangings, among other things.


Online markets are commonly used to purchase kitchenware such as utensils, crockery, cutlery, storage jars, and so on. Influencers and famous cooks have kitchenware lines that can be purchased online. Because of their usability and durability, oven-safe and high-heat-resistant kitchen wares have grown in popularity among homemakers.

Domestic Appliances

This type of product, which includes burners, microwave ovens, pressure cookers, washing machines, electric irons, kettles, rice cookers, induction plates, and so on, is popular on the internet. White goods are popular online since big reductions often tempt customers to buy them.

Sports Equipment

Indians are gaining interest in sports like a javelin, discus throwing, boxing, skating, and rollerblading, in addition to traditional sports. Cricket bats, tennis and badminton rackets, football and basketballs, carrom boards, football boots, cricket gear, hockey sticks, and other sports equipment can be purchased online. Everything, from swimsuits to fencing gloves, curling brooms to cornhole bags, is accessible online. All that is required is to hope for what one desire, and it will be granted.

Exercise Equipment

Home exercises increased during the pandemic. Customers purchased exercise equipment such as weights, dumbbells, and stretch bands. These commodities are in high demand, thus there are a lot of internet purchasers. People who were unable to go to the gym due to the epidemic purchased exercise equipment online.

Foods of Convenience

The fast-paced lifestyle has compelled Indian customers to seek out easy-to-cook and eat foods. Because of their popularity among Gen-Z and millennials, ready-mixes and pre-cooked meals appear to be the most in-demand products in India. Convenience foods are marketed not only by internet enterprises but also by hyperlocal delivery services operating out of dark storefronts, which have limited time and resources.

Supplements for Health

Health supplements are a relatively new addition to online supplies. Changing lifestyles have driven many Indians to seek out health supplements, increasing demand for such things. Gluten-free, antioxidant-rich vegan health supplements are gaining popularity. E-commerce stores sell superfoods such as nuts and seeds, calorie-rich protein bars, and nutritional supplements to health-conscious customers.

Personalized Gifts

Because of improved accessibility, quick fulfillment, and rising income levels and expectations, India’s giving business has seen enormous expansion over the last decade. Because of the convenience of purchase and the emotive value of personalized presents, working professionals and millennials seek them out. There is a wide variety of personalized gifting options available, including jewelry, apparel, photo frames, mugs, flowers, and plants. Marketers also target corporates, which play an important part in the gifting market, which will most likely result in recurrent bulk orders.

Ashwagandha Products:

Ashwagandha is a medical herb that aids in the treatment of ailments such as cancer and diabetes by enhancing brain focus and function, lowering blood sugar levels, relaxing anxiety, and much more. Not only that, but some research indicates that this “super help” helps in improving male fertility.


Matcha has recently gained popularity, with matcha teas, lattes, pastries, and ice creams in high demand globally. Matcha, like Green Tea, is derived from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis, but is grown differently and has a distinct nutritional profile.

Fitness Trackers

The expanding health and wellness awareness, the increased use of smartphones, and cheap internet connection all contribute to the increased demand for fitness trackers. As a result, you can easily sell Fitness Trackers online utilizing the Fynd Platform and list your products on a variety of eCommerce sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, and many more while sitting at home.

Yoga Mats

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on practically every industry and the overall economic performance of countries, either directly or indirectly. However, the health business and its associated markets saw a significant increase following the pandemic. Because yoga mats are used in the health and wellness business, the demand for yoga mats has skyrocketed. According to a Markets and Markets analysis, the worldwide yoga mat market will increase from $8,984 million to $10,430 million by 2025 at a CAGR of 3%.