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A search engine results page, or SERP(Search Engine Results Pages), is the page you see after entering a query into Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine. Search Engine Optimization (SERP) pages are pages displayed by search engines that respond to a user’s query. A key part of the SERP listing results returned by search engine answers the keyword question.

Results are of two types

live search: detected by search engine algorithm

sponsored search: ads.

Outcomes are usually measured according to the question. Each result displayed in the SERP usually includes a title, a link to the actual page on the web, and a brief description showing where the keywords match the content within the page to get live results. With sponsored results, the advertiser chooses what to display.

Due to a large number of items available or related to the query, there are usually several pages that answer a single search query as the search engine or user preferences limit the view to a small set of results per page. Each subsequent page will usually have a low rating or low related results. Like the world of traditional print media and its advertising, this enables real estate price competition but combines flexibility with consumer expectations and purpose — unlike standalone print media where the content and advertising on all pages are all the same. for the time of all viewers, although such a hard copy is localized to some extent, usually locally, such as region, metropolitan area, city, or neighborhood, search engine results may vary based on individual factors such as browsing habits.


Search results, queries, and ads are the three most important parts of SERP, However, the SERP of major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo !, Bing, Petal, Sogou may include many different types of advanced search results (live search, and sponsored) such as rich captions, images. , maps, descriptions, response boxes, videos, or suggested search improvements. A recent survey revealed that 97% of queries on Google returned at least one rich feature.

Major search engines visually differentiate certain types of content such as images, news, and blogs. Many types of content have special SERP templates and enhancements that appear on the first page of search results.

Search query

Topic: Web search query

Also known as a ‘user search string’, this is the name or set of user typed words in the search engine bar. The search box is available on all major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Petal, Sogou. Users display the title they want based on the keywords they enter in the search box in the search engine.

In the competition between search engines to attract the attention of more users and advertisers, consumer satisfaction has resulted in the emergence of a search algorithm that is used to better filter the results accordingly.

Search queries are no longer successful based on finding only the words that match the spelling. Purpose and expectations should be taken to determine whether the appropriate outcome is consistently based on broad definitions taken from the context.

And that sense of humor has grown from simple word pictures to sentences to ideas of ideas. And the meanings of such ideas change over time and context. Successful matching can be used by many people, what others are currently searching for, and clicking on when one enters keywords related to that particular search. And crowdsourcing may focus on personal social networking sites.

The advent of portable devices, smartphones, and portable devices, watches, and various sensors, provides a wide range of contexts for consumers and advertisers to refine and enhance compliance using additional features that can be collected such as human-related life, wealth. , and a variety of other situations, time of day, personal habits, travel, location, weather, and services close to opportunities, whether in cities or towns, such as events, food, entertainment, and business. Social conditions and the effects of social cohesion can be important factors.

The distinction of inserting a keyboard and a search box into voice access, in addition to simplicity, also makes other features available at various levels of accuracy and fitness, such as character, tone, attitude, pronunciation, nationality, and even audio features. people and the natural environment.

Search changes from explicit keywords: in the TV program w, whether x married y or z, or candidate election results x region y in day z, or group x points in today’s game z to talk from time to time: hey, who’s the winner. And to get the results one expects.

Organic effects

Organic SERP listing is a natural listing produced by search engines based on a series of metrics that determine their relevance to a search term. Web pages that perform well on search engine algorithmic tests are shown in this list. These algorithms are generally based on factors such as the quality and relevance of the content, technology, authority, and the reliability of the website and the author by a given topic, good user experience, and backlinks.

People often look at the first results on the home page. [4] Each search engine results page usually contains 10 organic listings (however some search results may have fewer biological listings). According to a 2019 study, [5] first-page CTRs go as follows:

Position 1: 31.7%

Position 2: 24.7%

Position 3: 18.7%

Position 4: 13.6%

Position 5: 9.5%

Position 6: 6.2%

Position 7: 4.2%

Position 8: 3.1%

Position 9: 3%

Position 10: 3.1%

Sponsored results-

Main Topic: Search Engine Marketing § Paid entries

Several major search engines offer “sponsored results” to companies, which may pay for a search engine so that their products or services appear above other search engines. This is usually done in the form of bidding between companies, where the highest bidder gets the highest result. A 2018 report from the European Commission has shown that consumers are often avoiding these high-quality results, as it is expected that the highest results on the search engine page will be sponsored, and thus less efficient. [6]

Rich snippets

Rich captions are displayed by Google on search results pages where the website contains content from organized data backs. Organized data backup helps Google algorithm to identify and understand the content better. Google supports rich captions for the following types of data: [7]

  • Product – Information about the product, including price, availability, and reviews.
  • Recipe – Recipes can be displayed in web search and recipe view.
  • Review – A review of something like a restaurant, movie, or store.
  • Event – An organized event, such as music concerts or art festivals, that people can attend at a certain time and place.
  • Software Request – Information about the software application, including its URL, update ratings, and price.
  • Video – An online video, which includes captions and thumbnails, and displays three image resources for responses, content, and URLs in a single box.
  • News article – News headline, including title, photos, and publisher information.
  • Scientific database
  • Work-related content
  • Mark the “how to do” pages.
  • Site Link Search Box
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • The film
  • Job training and job posting
  • Bread crumbs
  • Captions included

The inserted caption is a summary of the user’s answer to the question. This is a snippet that appears at the top of the list of search hits. Google supports the following types of captions:

Information graph

Search engines like Google, Bing, Sogou have begun to expand their data into the Encyclopedia and other rich sources of information.

Google for example refers to this type of information as the “Google Information Graph” if the search query is similar it will display a small window on the right with information from its sources.

Google Discover

The previous Google finder known as the Google feed is a way to find articles and news from users on the homepage below the search box.

A generation

Major search engines like Google, Yahoo !, Bing, Petal, Sogou primarily use in-page content and backlinks to web page metadata tags to generate content that generates search captions. [12] Normally, an HTML title tag will be used as a caption title while the most relevant or useful content of the web page (description or page copy) will be used for the description.

Auto scratch and access

Search engine results pages are protected from automatic access with a list of security measures and terms of service. [13] These results pages are a major data source for search engine optimization, website ranking of competing keywords that has become an important platform for business and interest. Google used Twitter to warn users of this practice.

Sponsored (creative) results on Google can cost a lot of money to advertisers. The most expensive keywords are for legal services, especially personal injury advocates in highly competitive markets. These keywords range from hundreds of USD, while the most expensive is almost 1000 USD per click sponsored.

The process of harvesting search engine page pages is often referred to as a “search engine” or more commonly “web crawling” and generates SEO-related data needed by companies that need to evaluate the quality of a competitive and sponsored website. This data can be used to track website rankings and show the effectiveness of SEO and keywords that may require additional SEO investment to rank higher.