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Serpstat is an SEO software company founded by Oleg Salamaha. It has gradually evolved from a keyword research tool into a “growth hacking tool” featuring features to build links, SEO SEO, PPC and more.

Serpstat – Homepage

If you have used a large SEO tool (like Moz or SEMrush) you will be home with Serptat. It has many of the same features. And the same UI.

Serpstat – Dashboard Interface

And now it’s time for my in-depth review of Serpstat.

Website Analysis: See What Works For Your Competitors

This is where you get a deep dip in SEO and competing PPC.

Serpstat – Website Analysis Overview

You get data on the best SEO keywords on that site:

Serpstat – Website Analysis Organic Keywords

Also keywords for Google ads that bring in more traffic.

Serpstat – Ad Keywords

You can also see how their search engine and traffic visibility changed over time (their data on most sites goes back to 2015):

Serpstat – Visibility and Traffic Photos

In my opinion, the “competitors in live search” report went well:

Serpstat – Competitors in Live Search

There is even a “competitors’ graph” to help you visualize the main competitors of that site on the Google homepage.

Serpstat – Competitors Graph

Now: this is just a look at everything. If you want to dig deeper into any of these reports, you can.

Let’s take a quick look at how some of these reports are accumulating.

Organic Keywords: Get Higher SEO Competitions for Competitors

If you use Serpstat for SEO, then you will find yourself using the “Organic Keywords” report more than any other.

That’s because it shows you a list of all the keywords the site is listed on.

Serpstat – Organic Keywords Full List

Again: this is a feature that many other paid SEO tools have. So it is not at all like Serpstat.

Unfortunately, I did not find the data here very accurate. For example, I decided to use my site with a tool.

Here are the keywords that Serpstat claims to bring me the most traffic from Google.

Serpstat – Top Traffic Keywords

That does not come close to accuracy.

Impartiality: no third-party tool will get this 100%. You will need the Google search console for that. And unless your competitors are very generous, they are not willing to share that data with you.

So my motto here is not: “this needs to be 100% local”. Rather it is more: this should at least be similar to what is happening.

Unfortunately, this is not the case here. According to Serpstat, here are the top 10 Backlinko keywords:

Serpstat – Top 10 Keywords

As you can see, 5 out of the top 10 can be spelled correctly in “media releases”.

Serpstat – Top Keywords News Releases

I can tell you in my Search Console data, that “media release” and your diversity doesn’t bring a lot of search engine traffic. And # 2 keyword is not listed: “pogo-sticking”.

Another thing I have noticed is that most of the key points of the keyword of keywords that I measure are “N / A”.

Serpstat – Top Keywords Difficulty N / A

And when I say “the majority”, I mean even 90% of them. Which is also weird. It seems to me that their keyword difficulty feature was not working while I was trying the tool.

Either way, I must say that this feature is powerful. But it has not been done very well.

Top Pages: Discover SEO Content Already Active

You can also use Serpstat to view site pages that measure up to many different keywords.

Serpstat – Top Page List

For whatever reason, this listing was more accurate than the organic keyword report.

The top 10 pages in Backlinko are all high-traffic pages. The order does not match the validity. But again, my point here is not that the list should match my Google Analytics.

So yes, this feature is well done and looks accurate.

PPC Survey: See Top Google Competition Competitive Ads

All in all, I found Serpstats’ PPC research to be excellent.

Just enter the site and see the list of keywords they are bidding on. And a copy of the direct ad they use.

And if you want to dig deeper into site ads, Serpstat can generate a list of their ads, keywords that those ads show, CPC ratings, and more.

Serpstat – PPC Research Dig Deeper

Their “ad survey” report gives you a complete description of the ads they are submitting to a specific URL.

Serpstat – PPC ads research

Serpstat Keyword Tool

Serpstat was originally a keyword research tool. So I was expecting a lot from this feature.

And I was not disappointed. Serpstat keyword research tool is robust.

I liked their “related keywords report”.

Serpstat – Keywords related to SEO Research

There were so many out-of-the-box key suggestions I had never seen in many other tools.

They also have a built-in report “Search Suggestions” that erase Google’s auto-completion.

Serpstat – Keywords for Search Suggestions

What I love about this feature is that you don’t just get a huge list of suggestions (which are hard to use).

They also provide you with a list of “most popular names” suggested by Google.

Serpstat – Keywords are the most popular

That way, you will be able to locate keywords that people use when searching for that topic. It is very useful.

Serpstat Backlink Analysis

Serpstat backlink analysis is similar to many other backlink testers out there.

Serpstat – Dashboard Duplicate Duplicate

So I don’t need to cover every little detail here.

All I can say is that the data here seems to exist.

One thing this feature might use is the particular type of domain authority or page authority.

If not, it’s hard to filter by backlinks a site. For example, suppose a site has 100k backlinks. It helps to sort and sort the list by page authority or domain authority.

All in all, Serpstat is a solid SEO tool. It has all the features you can expect from an SEO software program. And it has a competitive price compared to its main competitors.

However, the features themselves are a mixed bag. The SEO site testing feature is very good. But their aspect of analyzing SEO competitors is flawed and flawed.

So for now, I will continue to use Ahrefs and SEMrush. In my opinion, they are well-integrated and robust tools.

But if you want to give Serpstat a gun, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.