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Are you constantly mending stuff around the house? Are you frequently on call for friends who need little projects completed? Create a website, conduct a competitive analysis to determine the value of your time and talent, and seek referrals from previous clients. If you already have a solid set of abilities to assist others to fix up their homes, starting a handyman service is a wonderful choice. Consider concentrating on what you feel well-prepared to perform – for example, if you know your way around a sink and water system, you could start by providing sink repair services and then expand your offers as you gain more expertise. There are no certifications or particular schooling required to become a handyman.


Similarly, if you enjoy making beautiful wood furniture or other household goods, that could be a small company niche for you. Begin by selling a couple of your creations on sites like Etsy. Consider launching a website, accepting bespoke orders, or expanding into refinishing and upholstery once you’ve established a following. A small business for woodworkers is great if you already have a passion for woodworking and the resources to begin completing orders as they come in. You don’t want to be “training” when you design a custom shelf or a custom storage box because producing a well-made product is critical to keeping your clients satisfied.

Consultant for Online Dating

Dating consultants typically charge a fee for their services. They assist users in creating successful online dating profiles, locating potential matches outside of traditional online channels, and providing a level of personalization that a site like Tinder cannot. Do you believe you have a talent for the game? This could be the right business for you. Online dating advisors must have great communication and interpersonal skills, as well as empathy. To launch an online dating consultant business, you’ll need a website that includes information about you as well as free dating materials that your customers might find useful. You can contact them for a free consultation after they have downloaded the material.

Specialist in Sewing and Alteration

Clothing will always need to be hemmed and buttons repaired, and you may be the person to do it. If you enjoy sewing and have a sewing machine at home, begin by providing simple services such as those listed above and gradually expand your repertoire to include dressmaking and design as you create a customer base and demand. You don’t need a particular license or degree to start a sewing and alterations business, but you should practice so you can take on more difficult assignments. The high-value clientele will wish to personalize complex apparel items such as suits, slacks, gowns, and dresses. That is where you will find the greatest earning potential.

Freelance Programmer

Quality web development is in high demand right now, from constructing websites for other small businesses to giving technical help for specific projects. As a web developer, you will undoubtedly have technical skills. Distil your knowledge and expertise so that consumers who don’t have your experience may grasp what you’ll be assisting them with. To assist with this, run your messaging by friends and relatives who are unfamiliar with your line of employment. If they can describe what you do, your messaging is probably effective among those who aren’t in your sector. You might begin looking for your first freelance contracts by browsing several freelance websites.

Personal Coach

To spread the message, provide in-home consultations, individualized nutrition and fitness regimens, and community boot camps. Don’t forget to fill your Instagram page with encouraging quotations, free exercise videos, and delicious snack ideas – it’s a typical approach for fitness gurus to establish their brands in our digital age. If you follow this way, it’s fine to start small and then scale up. MOURfit, for example, is an Indianapolis-based personal training firm that began in a public gym before expanding to a private club that provides group fitness, personal training, and nutrition services.

Graphic Designer on the Side

Set your hours, pick your tasks, and create a portfolio and business you’re proud of. Many businesses seek the assistance of expert graphic designers for several projects ranging from website design to blog graphics and beyond. What’s the good news? Although there are no special education requirements for becoming a freelance graphic designer, we recommend obtaining a credential (such as SAIC’s graphic design certificate or RISD’s graphic design certificate) or an Associate’s degree in design so you can confidently present your portfolio and complete your first few projects.

Life/Career Counselor

Use your experience effectively navigating career, personal, and social transformations as a life or career counselor. Many of us are seeking career assistance, but finding someone who has the time to mentor us might be difficult.

Life/career coaches are not cheap, but they may provide clients with the intensive and hands-on training and assistance they require to achieve significant changes in their personal and professional life. After all, everyone requires some encouraging words from time to time.