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If you love Instagram and need to become an influencer, you certainly are not alone! While becoming an influencer is not a science, you do take some steps in that direction by setting up the brand and curating the account to reflect a certain attitude or theme. You’ll also be required to engage with the followers to slowly construct your account up.

Establishing Yourself

Pick an interest you enjoy. The good Instagram accounts have an aim, and yours must, too. However, you must not just pick something out of the blue. Base the account around something you enjoyed. If you’re passionate about it, your followers will understand!

  • Really, it’s up to you what you aim on. You could do poetry, travel, makeup, food, embroidery, or even slime. As long as it has the visual component and it’s something you enjoyed, going for it!

Narrow the idea. While you don’t need to get too narrow, as your posts would get old fast, you must have an aim. For instance, “sports” might be too broad, but “tennis balls” might be too narrow. The idea is to carve out a space that makes the account unique so humans would need to follow it.

  • For instance, Instagram has a huge range of food bloggers, but you can still explore your own niche within that. Maybe you need to review food in the city, for instance, or you might need to focus on the meal you make. Just thinking about what makes you unique and how you apply that to the account.

Make the bio catchy, short, and sweet. Your bio appears at the top of the photos when someone clicks on the account, so you don’t need to pen up a novel. Keep it to 1-2 sentences at most. In fact, certain bios are just a few words. However, it must be sufficient to explain what you’re doing and catch human attention.

  • For example, if you open up about food culture in Oklahoma City, you might open up, look out for the good eaten lower and higher in OKC. That signifies that you love all types of cuisine and that you aim for Oklahoma City.

Invite your family and friends to follow you up. While this won’t get you popular, it’s certainly a place to begin! Instagram generally suggests humans you do follow from places like Facebook, so you do start with those work and names outward.

Generate Content

Picking a feed planner for the account. These apps support you managing the account. You do upload photos to post later, editing images, tracking followers, and a whole host of other stuff through these apps. They make it easier to manage the Instagram page.

Taking photos that fit the Instagram focus. Now it’s time to get to the fun loving part! Begin taking images every day of the stuff that fits into the account. Get a week or 3 building up before you begin posting, so you have tons of quality photos to post on the account.

Develop a unified feel for the photos. Once you upload the photos to the feed planner, rearrange them as required to make the page feel more organized and cohesive. Thinking about how the photos look as a complete on the page and playing around with various filters. The feed planner lets you apply a filter to all the images at once, and you also move images around so that the layout of the whole page looks planned. Trying to pick 1 filter for all the photos so that they would all look like the brand.

Add interesting and genuine captions to the photos. A photo alone isn’t sufficient to get humans to follow you. They needed to hear the story behind a photo, even if it’s just a tiny quip. The key is to be as genuine and open as you can, as your followers would feel when you’re being genuine and need to connect to that.

Utilize up to 4 pertinent hashtags. Hashtags support categorizing the pictures, and in fact, few humans crawl through hashtags to explore new accounts to follow. Therefore, select carefully. Basically, you do utilize any phrase and word without spaces as the hashtag by typing the “#” follow up by the word. As you type, paying attention to the number of times every hashtag has been utilized and picking the one with the high numbers.

Clicking a location for a photo. Location tags making the post more visible as humans might dig through locations. You are picking a specific location like a park or a restaurant you’re at, or you are making it more generic like a section of the city.

Turn your camera or phone horizontally. With the smartphone, it could be tempting to always shoot in vertical mode or square mode. Even though Instagram ordinarily utilized square mode, you’ll have a good chance to capture everything in the shot if you utilize horizontal mode. You do always edit it down later.