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The featured snippets in addition to Google results pages represent one of the most significant developments in the search evolution.

Position zero results—snippets that appear before the major organic listings—have become increasingly significant. And optimizing for “position zero” does have significant optimistic effects on traffic site’s.

Both experts and search engine marketers should construct up pages with featured snippets in mind. Simple tweaks to content strategies and keyword research will likely lead to much more brand exposure and clicks.

This post includes a comprehensive overview of the different type of featured snippets and offer a step-by-step outline of how to increase the chances to appearing in the top most position (along with advice about when you might not want to).

Key Takeaways for Marketers and SEOs

  • Optimize for position zero is usually a great plan for all kinds of pages (content, about pages, landing pages, etc.).
  • The most significant optimization steps are to maintain pages with existing snippets by updating content, identify suitable keyword opportunities, and develop a “snippet ready” paging strategy that leverages succinct definitions and question-style headings.

What Are Featured Snippets?

Featured snippets are devoted sections in SERPs that are shown extracting from web pages, involve a link to the web page underneath the extract, and appear alongside quality organic search results.

Google signifies snippets in the following manner: Google’s search outcome sometimes showing listings where the snippet describing a page comes before the link to a page, not after as with the standard format. Results displaying this manner are signified featured snippets.

Position zero results are featuring snippets that appeared before other results. Rich snippets, which are sometimes dermented with featured snippets, are usual results with add on information like phone numbers, star ratings, addresses, pricing, and so on.

There are five kind of featured snippets:

Extracts: Also signify as paragraph snippets, these are by far the most common kind of featuring snippet and consisting of multi and single -sentence extracting from the web pages.

Numbered lists: Numbered lists serve by extracting from pages in the format of sequential points. They normally describe a procedure and are commonly serving in response to queries starting with “How to….”

Bullet-point lists: Bulleted lists serve information in the format of bullet points and are classic for “best of” and “top rated” queries. They serve multiple points of information in the unranked and non-sequential manner.

Tables: Tables carrying one or more data points for the list of entries.

People Also Ask: People Also Ask does not occupy position zero. Users click on FAQ-style dropdowns to disclose answers to questions connected to earliest search queries. There are no downsides to optimize for “People Also Ask” as feature sites are not automatically excluded from organic results such as with present snippets.

Is Position Zero the End of Search? 

The increasing commonness of featured snippets has led SEOs to ask the question, Do they messenger the end of search? The short answer is no.

First, featured snippets appearing for just above 10% of searching queries. Second, even for those SERPs that do involve featured snippets, the majority of clicks goes to quality organic listings. Finally, tentative research publishing in early 2022 showed that the presence of featured snippets might actually be decreased in favor of People Also Ask (PPA) snippets (although the author is really keen to stress the carry on with significance to optimize for them).

At this phase, the image is far from clear. But anyone that declares featuring snippets constitute “the end of search” must not be taking a sincere way.

How to Attain Position Zero Rankings: 3 Steps

It’s significant to note that there’s no standard process to certain the content appearing in featuring snippets.

However, following the steps below certains the best possible opportunity to appear in the much-desirable zero position. And even if you applied the guidance below and don’t attain a featured snippet ranking, the SEO outcomes would still be optimistic.

Maintaining Existing Zero Position Rankings

Monitoring existing zero perform regular and position rankings updates on the top-perform pages. Regular tracking does also alert you to dropping out in SERPs. When you lose a position-zero result, you take action to restore the previous rankings.

Updating content is normally inexpensive but pays huge dividends in terms of maintaining traffic, especially for content that drives out considerable leads.

Create Content for Featured Snippets

Developing content for featured snippets is normally straightforward in the sense that it would likely call for only minor changes to the existing content creation procedure. Tiny tweaks to keyword research and article structure do have significant influence.

Don’t Be Scared to Use the Opt Out

In rare cases, zero position snippets underperformed compared to top few rankings. Sometimes, drawing people to the landing page will be more significant than occupying position zero, especially if brand recognition is not the priority. Similarly, you might wish to show rich snippets in the results, which might not be possible in the present snippet.

Wherever possible, track conversions after and before attaining a zero position to decide which scenario is good for the web pages. It’s possible to opt out of featured snippets by utilizing the no snippet tag.