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This website was created to allow the client to add/edit and display hotels and their details on a specified dynamic webpage, such as location, number of people allowed, number of beds, pet-friendly or not, wifi available or not, and so on. Although we were not in charge of designing the entire website, we were in charge of the most important aspect of the project. We were in charge of creating the database management system that would allow the client to add hotels and their information to the website. We were also in charge of designing the search page and the individual property pages that would display database data.

In addition, in response to the client’s request, we created a dynamic form with HTML and PHP scripts that allows the client to enter new properties into the database. However, because the client would have to enter hundreds of properties into the database, it would be difficult to do so one by one. As a solution to this issue, we created a custom HTML page that allowed the client to upload data into the database.


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March 22, 2022

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