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Here we’ll find 10 Small Things That Can Hurt Your Site Rankings. Ranking of your site is very crucial as this is what you work for. Most people think how any site rank on the top or doesn’t rank at all. Well there are lots of things which plays role in ranking of sites. You can find a lot about how to rank your site but barely about what not to do that may affect your site ranking in a negative way.

The term SEO refers to the process of optimizing a website for search engines. It’s a collection of guidelines for optimizing your website so that it can outrank in organic search results. It’s the procedure to follow in order to improve your website’s exposure in search engines and attract traffic.

Of course, no website will ever be ideal in terms of SEO. There are a number of things you could do to guarantee that your site ranks as high as possible on all search engines, but you really should typically begin with the basics because the more technological modifications might be perplexing. Let’s get on to the things which you should avoid to get higher ranking on search engines:

Content Plagiarism

Make sure your material is one-of-a-kind and unique. Avoid releasing duplicated material on your site if you want to avoid negative SEO. Content that isn’t distinctive isn’t beneficial for SEO. The fundamental reason for this is that if search engines previously have had the exact content in their crawl, there is no need for them to list your website because it offers nothing unique.

If you must have similar material on your site for the sake of your customers just because of the business genre and requirement, you must “no index and no follow” such pages so that they really do not hurt your SEO. After creating content it’s better to check plagiarism and if exceeds the limit then edit it to minimize the plagiarism.

Website Optimisation is necessary

Even though Google cannot identify how a site appears, it really can know one important statistic about it: the bounce rate. The bounce rate of a webpage is the proportion of viewers who leave after seeing only one page mostly the homepage. The problem is that Google interprets this as an indication that your website did not meet the user’s request, and as a consequence, this would rank you negatively since it believes your site is “poor quality.”

Nevertheless, there are a plethora of methods to fix a poor web design, like employing a competent graphic designer or by using templates, both of which can be expensive depending on where you search.

Update Your Security

Make absolutely sure your windows and software’s are updated, that you’ve installed all security fixes, and that your CMS software has strong encryption to safeguard your users. If you’re in e-commerce or store any customers information, you must also upgrade your site to HTTPS. Not only does HTTPS encryption give you more security, and it is also a ranking indication that could help your SEO.

Although cyber attacks aren’t exactly bad SEO, they do have an effect on your rankings. Google warns visitors away from compromised websites by including a “this site might well be hacked” statement in the search results.

Don’t develop many pages of website

It is a complete misconception that adding more pages to your website will increase your traffic accordingly. The Google search engine is designed in such a way that it can readily distinguish between quantity and quality.

Minimal pages with clear, short, and convincing information are critical in competing internet companies like E-Commerce and Digital Gambling. The required information is displayed on a singular home page on major websites where gamers may play mobile slots available on the internet for actual money. They suggest all the user perks, along with the site qualifying criteria, from the list of best gambling websites, making players’ lives easier. This, in turn, improves the site’s search engine ranks.

Stuffing Keywords

It’s a horrible SEO practise to use the very same phrases repetitively, not just because they’re beneficial in the content, but because you’re expected to optimise your material. It not only deters people from interacting with or reading your material, but it also signals to search engines that you have been attempting to play with their algorithms. It would be enough to mention your title tag, description, first section, and a few more instances organically throughout the text.

Too many Advertisements

Google penalizes sites which have a lot of advertisements above the area of the page that can be seen without sliding.

If your traffic unexpectedly dropped, you should investigate whether the page layout algorithm was to blame. Because consumers are irritated by so many advertisements, reading the text properly and fast becomes challenging.

SEO is a continuous process

You are erroneous if you believe that the SEO process consists of a series of operations that must be accomplished all at once. Consistent work is required. It’s just as important to keep up with the new SEO trends, strategies, competitive analysis, and so on.

Both a deliberate and emergent approach is required in your SEO strategy. Your site can obtain the top position with a one-time high-quality SEO method. It is, however, the regular improvements and refinements that allow the top ranks to be maintained.

Slow Page Loading Speeds

This must come as a no shock that website users despise poor page load times and will abandon a website after milliseconds. Website loading speeds are among the many indications Google utilizes to rank your site, and it’s no different with Google. There is no justification for a website to load sluggish nowadays. Nevertheless, a variety of factors can lead your site to take a long time to load, so keep an eye on everything.

Not just sites submitted to Google rank well

The growing idea that only Google-submitted sites will rank higher has no basis in fact. Google, on either hand, employs Web Search technology, which uses algorithms to locate and index your content. Add a sitemap to Google’s search console if you’re seeking to renovate or revamp an existing website.

This is a common misconception that leads people to believe that in-site optimizations are no longer required. Not focusing on website SEO strategies, on the other hand, might have a negative impact on ranks.

Google Webmaster Tools isn’t being used

The webmaster tools were created by Google in order to improve communication with webmasters. There is a plethora of info regarding your website available, as well as numerous tools to assist you in understanding how to enhance your SEO and Google rankings.