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If you preferred to grasp through the video format, with someone guide you through every new piece of code or technique, there are numerous free alternatives available online.

We’ve scored the web for the very best, and most up-to-date web design courses, both paid and free, and compiled a shortlist of the awesome alternatives. We’ve got you supported too, if you look out for the good web development tools in 2023.

WebFlow University: Ultimate Web Design Course

Ultimate Web Design Course is the course set out by WebFlow University, an online learning platform developed and hosted by the design tool WebFlow and CMS.

It involves an awesome introduction to all stuff web design and over 5 hours of video lessons.

  • HTML & CSS basics
  • Web structure
  • Buttons
  • Typography
  • Media elements
  • Components
  • Styling basics
  • Layout basics
  • Advanced layouts
  • Responsive design
  • CMS & dynamic content
  • SEO


  • Up-to-date cut edge introduction to the web design.
  • Easier to follow instructions.
  • Over 5 hours of video content (much long one real time learning if you go along).

BYOL: Beginner Web Design Using Visual Studio, HTML5, and CSS3 Code

YouTuber and Web designer Bring out Your Own Laptop has developed a 4-hour course denoted as Beginner Web Design utilizing Visual Studio, HTML5, and CSS3 Code.

The formatting is a single 4-hour video on YouTube, finished with a bunch of exercise files consciously downloadable.

Throughout the course, you will grasp how to develop three different websites with increase levels of difficulty and complexity, and eventually, how to make your site reactive.


  • HTML & CSS basics
  • HTML and Head tags
  • CSS classes
  • div nesting and Web structure
  • Media elements
  • External CSS
  • Testing your website
  • Styling basics
  • Layout basics
  • Advanced layouts
  • Responsive design
  • dynamic and CMS content
  • SEO


  • digestible and Entertaining instructions (most YouTube comments call attention to how easier it is to follow along).
  • Almost 4 hours of video content accessible on YouTube for free, divided into segments for the good overview.

freeCodeCamp: Introduction To Responsive Web Design – CSS and HTML Tutorial

In 2023, this web design course is releasing a 4-hour opening course to responsive design to the YouTube channel.

The course will taught you how to develop a single, 3-page responsive website, along with the basics of receptive design, HTML5 and CSS.


  • Responsive design basics
  • Mobile-first design
  • CSS units
  • Em vs px vs rems
  • Flexbox
  • CSS styles
  • Responsive containers
  • Media queries
  • Responsive navigation
  • Page structure
  • Widgets



  • Get a deep understanding of how to develop a proper responsive designing with CSS and HTML in 2023.
  • Get to understand significant advanced HTML tags and CSS units.
  • Over 4-hours of neat way-divided video accessible for free (no signup) on YouTube.


OpenClassrooms Course: Building Your First Web Pages With CSS and HTML

OpenClassrooms serve the free introductory course signify as Make up Your First Web Pages with CSS and HTML.

It begin from the very beginning and will offer you a good fundamental understanding of both CSS3 and HTML5. If you have no experience whatsoever with web design or development, this is a awesome place to begin.


  • CSS3 and HTML5 basics
  • HTML structure
  • CSS styling
  • SEO and Page structure
  • Image optimization
  • inline elements and Block
  • Color theory
  • Fonts (Make certain to check our guide on how to alter fonts in WordPress)


  • Good introduction to web design, utilizing the latest in CSS and HTML.
  • Collection of Codepen entries to call attention to how various code works in the real globe.
  • 10 hours of free time learning, including video lessons and interactive quizzes.


Udemy Course: Web Designing for Beginners: Real World Coding in CSS and HTML

Udemy is one of the most famous premium learning platforms online. There are courses accessible on everything from website designing to productivity and freelancing.

But the good place to begin is the Web Designing for Beginners: Real World Coding in CSS and HTML online courses.


  • HTML essentials and layout
  • Media
  • typography and Fonts
  • Page structure
  • Navigation
  • Forms
  • CSS essentials
  • Backgrounds
  • Flexbox
  • CSS3 animations
  • JavaScript frameworks
  • Bootstrap


  • Well-structured introductory courses that supports all the fundamentals of responsive designing in 2023.
  • Up-to-date info.
  • Interacting with a community and asking the course instructor questions.
  • One-time fee pattern (instead of monthly payments).


TreeHouse: Web Designing Track

It is a subscription-based online learning programme suitable for both programmers and designers. The web design track served 43 hours of interactive and video lessons on layouts, HTML, CSS, and another web design essentials.

It also involves basic skills for the budding graphic designer such as SVG tutorial.


  • CSS and HTML basics
  • Web designing procedure
  • Advanced HTML forms
  • Tables
  • Typography
  • CSS layouts
  • Responsive design
  • Flexbox
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Wireframing
  • CSS animations
  • CSS grid layout



  • Great in-depth foundation to web designing with over forty hours of collective learning.
  • An active community that you can learn and interact from.
  • Establish a solidified foundation with over 15 hours of learning on CSS and HTML basics alone.