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Social media marketing is the practice of promoting your business and making sales on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Social media marketing is when your company releases a new product and you intend to advertise the launch on social media. Social media marketing is when you engage with your clients in online discussion forums. It also counts as social media marketing if you produce interesting material that illustrates the principles and history of your company. You must have the knowledge and resources necessary to manage social media for this type of marketing. You must have a plan for your social media marketing, just as you would for other components of your marketing strategy.

Set sensible objectives for your company.

Developing a social media strategy begins with setting goals. The two most popular objectives for social media in 2021, according to the Sprout Social IndexTM, are raising brand exposure (58%) and boosting community participation (41%). Additionally, these objectives are still highly important for social media teams in 2023, especially as they deal with fresh difficulties.

Finding talent, demonstrating ROI, social media execution, resourcing, and leveraging social as a business function are listed as the top issues for social media teams in the 2022 Sprout Social IndexTM. To overcome these challenges in 2023, brands have already started to develop targets and frameworks.

Goal illustration 1: Raising brand awareness

This entails promoting your name. Avoid publishing only promotional messages if you want to build genuine and long-lasting brand awareness. Instead, put your attention first on information that highlights your personality and values.

Example 2 of a goal: Produce leads and sales

Followers don’t make purchases accidentally, whether they do it online, offline, or through your social media platforms. You have a means of earning money thanks to social media. Are you, for instance, informing customers about new offerings and discounts? Does your social media presence incorporate your product catalog? Are you offering followers any special discounts?

Goal example 3: Expand the audience for your brand

Finding ways to present your brand to those who haven’t heard of you before is the first step in gaining new fans. Finding the most important conversations about your company and industry is another aspect of expanding your audience. Without listening or monitoring for particular keywords, phrases, or hashtags, sifting through your social media networks is all but impossible. Keeping an eye on these dialogues enables you to reach new audiences (and grow your core audience) far more quickly.

Goal #4: Increase community involvement

Since engagement on social media is everything, it’s beneficial to look into fresh approaches to attract new followers. According to the Sprout Social 2022 IndexTM analysis, people prefer to view content that features a brand’s goods and services and also personality and customer testimonials. As a result, businesses must experiment with messaging and content. Does your company, for instance, support hashtags and user-generated content?

Your engagement rate can be raised by doing something as easy as asking a question. If you give your customers a reason to support you, they might be your best supporters.

Goal example 5: Increase website traffic

Easy enough. Social networking can help you achieve your goal of producing leads or website traffic if you’re committed to doing so. You may more accurately calculate your return on investment from social media by monitoring conversions and URL clicks, whether through promotional posts or social ads. Any combination of these objectives is acceptable and may also aid in your understanding of the networks to focus on. When in doubt, make your social media marketing approach straightforward rather than adding too many goals that can divert your attention. Your squad should coalesce around one or two of them.

Keep in mind that various platforms appeal to various audiences. Here are some important lessons to remember for your social media marketing plan in 2023:

  • Due in part to their highly lucrative user bases, Facebook and YouTube are both prominent destinations for advertisements.
  • In the upcoming year, 71% of consumers and 65% of advertisers expect to use Facebook the most, according to the 2022 Sprout Social IndexTM. With 51% of consumers and 35% of advertisers planning to use the platform, YouTube is in second place.
  • Instagram and YouTube are the most popular social networks among Millennials and Generation Z, demonstrating the power of outlandish, eye-catching content that exudes individuality. More than 60% of all users on Pinterest are women.
  • Because of its educated user base, LinkedIn serves as a hub for in-depth, sector-specific content that may be more specialized than what you find on Facebook or Twitter.
  • The majority of time spent on TikTok by users is in the United States. And compared to other platforms, 73% of users say they have a stronger connection to the companies they interact with on TikTok.
  • The aforementioned demographics are excellent for determining where your target audience resides, but it’s also critical to comprehend the specifics of each social network so you can choose where your company should be present.
  • Larger, more well-known firms typically have presences across several different platforms.