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What is the significance of keyword research?

Knowing what people are looking for can help us supply relevant content to search engines while also providing content to our users in terms (terminology and context) they can understand. Consider Google. Their purpose is to show high-quality websites in their search results that answer users’ requests. If we want to improve our chances of ranking better in Google, we need to provide the proper signals to the Google bot when it crawls the content of our sites, and one method to achieve this is through keywords (based on the results of keyword research).

Important keywords for an eCommerce website

Another crucial topic to understand when conducting keyword research for an eCommerce website is how to distinguish between broad terms and phrases with commercial intent. General keywords or head keywords typically receive a lot of traffic but do not always have a clear intent. For example, when someone searches for “handbags,” they are most likely in the early phases of the purchasing cycle. At this point, the searcher wants to obtain a sense of what is accessible without having a specific goal in mind.

Let’s look at how you can find out which terms have a business intent and are easier to target.

Go to Amazon.

When we talk about eCommerce, what is the first thing that springs to mind? It’s most likely Amazon.Amazon is the largest online eCommerce company, and numerous studies have proven that customers who are looking to buy something begin their search with Amazon (and not Google or any other search engine or platform). So, if this is what others are doing, you should follow suit and begin your keyword research with Amazon.

Let’s see how it goes.

Start typing a keyword that defines your products into Amazon. Amazon suggestions will immediately provide you with a summary of what people are searching for about your term.

At a glance, you can view the most popular categories (work bags, school bags) as well as the most popular brands (Michael kors, Louis Vuitton).

To take it a step further, choose a category to see the results and then look in the left sidebar.

Utilize Google Search

Now that you know what people are searching for on Amazon, it’s time to check into Google, and the ideal place to begin your keyword research is Google.com.

Google will give suggestions on how to complete your search query as soon as you begin typing. At this stage, try to limit your search to 2-3 keywords, such as ‘women handbags work’.

Scroll down to the related searches section (near the bottom of the page). It is also strongly advised to return to Amazon and repeat your search using this phrase.

You can repeat this method as many times as you like by searching Google and paying close attention to the ‘Similar Searches’ section until you have a list of all related terms.

Make use of your preferred keyword tool.

It’s time to use the power of a keyword tool now that we’ve gathered enough keywords from Amazon and Google. A decent keyword tool will provide us with a better understanding of the search volume for each keyword and assist us in determining how to optimize our product pages. There are other keyword research tools available, but I like SEMRush.

Even if you don’t have a Semrush subscription, you can use your favorite keyword research tool to achieve identical findings. Log in to SEMRUSH and go to the left menu and pick “SEO KEYWORD MAGIC” (under Keyword Analytics).

You may now begin your search by entering the terms we discovered on Amazon and Google. At this point, our goal is to determine the search volume for each keyword and other relevant phrases.

Semrush will group relevant keywords once you add one (left part). You can also refine your search by using the top-bar filters. This is extremely handy when looking for long-tail keywords with a high search volume.

Keyword research for SEO

When you search for your core keyword (‘handbags ladies’) and then filter by ‘Work,’ you may see the linked long tail keywords, as seen above. What’s more, evaluating the keywords provided by Google reveals that ‘women tote bags for work’ is a better term than ‘work handbags for women,’ because it has more search traffic and contains more keywords.

Long tail keywords with 4-5 words are generally easier to target than shorter long tail keywords.

Make use of the Google Keyword Tool.

I understand that not everyone has access to a keyword tool. Good tools are not cheap, and this deters people from using them. The truth is that you will need one if you want to succeed in eCommerce. Aside from keyword research, it may be used to spy on your competition and improve your SEO and content. However, there is a free option to employ, and that is the Google Keyword Tool.

What you should know about the Google keyword tool is that, while it is free, it will only provide you with ranges of search volumes rather than specific estimations if you do not have an active campaign running.