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India’s electronics industry is thriving. Without a question, it is one of the most rapidly rising industries in eCommerce and retail. With the introduction of new policies such as vocal for local and made in India, the electronics industry has experienced an increase in output and sales.

Electronics have become an indispensable aspect of everyone’s life throughout the years. The industry is always expanding, whether it is computers, electrical appliances, simple calculators, or fitness bands. So, if you want to open an electronics eCommerce store in India, the market is ready. With the increase in demand and the necessity for local production, your company will be able to connect with the target audience and expect great sales.

A B2C business provider is not required for an electronics company. You can also target huge corporations and give them wholesale electronic products. Electronics are a wonderful bet if you want to establish a drop shipping business or start something new.

How to Start an Online Electronic Store?

Step 1: Design Your Website

The first step in selling gadgets online is to create a website. You must have your store online so that customers may locate you. On the internet, there are numerous website builders. Shopify is one of them. Most eCommerce stores use Shopify as one of the most accessible and widely used website builders. They feature a variety of store templates and a simple setup process. This allows you to easily set up your store with little to no technical knowledge. All you have to do is create an account and a product list. We offer a variety of connectors for many elements of your business, such as product listing, marketing, shipping, and design.

Product Pages – List Your Products

The next stage in creating an online store is to list your products. You can organize your products into categories, alphabetical order, and so on; ensure sure your inventory is properly uploaded and that each product has its product page. This will assist you in improving the issue with your website and promptly directing customers to the correct product. Ensure that the products listed are categorized such that website navigation is simplified.

Step 3: Integrate a Payment Gateway

Add a payment gateway after displaying your products. Customers like multiple payment methods when shopping online and do not want to be limited to just one. Adding a payment gateway can help you with safe payments and allow you to accept various payment methods such as UPI, net banking, credit and debit cards, E-wallets, and so on. The payment gateway will make payment collecting easier for you, and the transaction charge will be lower.


The next most important part of establishing an electronic store is fulfillment. How you fulfill orders says a lot about your company. Order management, picking, and packaging are all part of the fulfillment process. If all of these activities are completed in unison, your order processing time will be reduced and you will be able to dispatch products sooner. Always choose the greatest packaging material possible because the packaging you use reflects the whole personality of your brand. Because packaging is reusable, it may stay with the customer longer than the product. As a result, utilize strong packaging from reputable companies.


Shipping is the most important aspect of your eCommerce business. Shipping allows you to deliver things to your customers’ homes. As a result, work with a dependable shipping partner like Shiprocket to ensure that you can deliver across the country easily. Your target audience will be limited if your pin code reach is limited. Shiprocket has a 27000+ Pincode reach and ships with 17+ courier partners. If you build your website with Shopify, you can quickly integrate the Shiprocket app and start shipping right away.

Promotion and marketing

You must promote your store to your target audience after you have established it. Make sure you have a strong social media presence so you can start promoting your website and items right away. Once your store is up and running, you can maintain your SEO to guarantee that you appear high in Google search results. Create a proper eCommerce marketing plan to keep all of your endeavors in one place. Make sure your project incorporates content marketing, SEO, and social media.

Types of Products You Can Sell

Cell phones

With new brands appearing daily, you can begin sourcing and selling mobile phones on your website, focusing on tier-2 and tier-3 cities for a more personalized experience.


As digitization becomes more prevalent, every industry demands a laptop for its personnel. You can start a wholesale business and sell laptops to agencies, businesses, and schools, among other places.

Chargers for mobile phones and laptop computers

These are accessories that are required for the operation of electronics. As a result, beginning a charger business may be more profitable.

Sound Equipment

Almost every industry requires sound devices such as portable speakers, earbuds, headphones, microphones, and so on. Selling these products could help you reach out to customers more quickly and meet their demands.

Last Thoughts

India’s electronics industry is thriving. It is a fantastic time to invest.