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Have you ever considered working from home?

With more time on our hands as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the creation of a new normal, we’re all looking for ways to generate money from home. While some have suffered a career setback, others simply want to make the most of the time they have.

Starting an internet store has been one of the most successful strategies to stay productive while earning from home. That is why Shopify has partnered with GlowRoad to enable dropshipping in India and give merchants the tools they need to succeed.

What exactly is GlowRoad?

GlowRoad is an Indian reseller platform and app that allows millions of people, including housewives and graduate students, to earn money from home by launching their online businesses. All they have to do is register as a reseller on the platform, select the products they wish to sell or believe they can sell, and submit their interest to the supplier.

Once the supplier has reviewed and accepted your request, you may begin promoting those products in your network using chat apps like WhatsApp or social networking platforms like Facebook. If someone orders through the linked link, GlowRoad will deliver the merchandise, collect the money, and deposit the proceeds into your bank account. Simply explained, the reseller earns money from home based on the number of sales they make through their channels for products obtained from suppliers.

Shopify is coming in to further strengthen this business model by allowing resellers to build an online store and grow their drop shipping business utilizing a strong eCommerce platform where the things they sell will become more discoverable, leading to increased sales.

At the same time, other Shopify merchants in India who run a dropshipping business benefit from this connection as well: they gain access to locally available products that they may add to their store from suppliers registered on GlowRoad.

How can GlowRoad help dropshipping businesses on Shopify in India?

With the growing desire to work from home, dropshipping is one of the most popular business concepts we’re seeing on Shopify.

The business model does not necessitate keeping things on hand. Instead, the store sells the product and then forwards the sales order to the supplier. The supplier is then in charge of shipping the purchase to the consumer as well as the complete order fulfillment experience.

Simply put, you get to open an online store and earn money from home without having to stock up on product inventory. Or, for that matter, stressing about logistics and order fulfillment.

Until now, Shopify merchants in India using the dropshipping model relied on suppliers from other countries. While reselling products from these vendors used to be easy, the new normal has slowed things down in terms of product availability as well as order fulfillment efficiency on the supplier’s end. As a result, Shopify stores in India have less stock available on their shelves, resulting in a decline in sales for their dropshipping operation.

Shopify’s GlowRoad platform aims to address this issue and make online retail enterprises less reliant on external variables by providing access to Indian suppliers.

GlowRoad will take the lead in extending the dropshipping business in India by launching its app on Shopify. Dropshipping online businesses only need to add the GlowRoad Shopify app to their store to gain access to suppliers providing products in a variety of categories, including fashion and clothes, jewelry, healthcare, pet supplies, local goods, and more.

The Advantages of Using GlowRoad to Launch a Dropshipping Business in India

  • More product options
  • Decreased supply chain delays
  • Minor logistical concerns
  • Order fulfillment is completed more quickly.
  • Local brands and providers should be supported.
  • The ability to offer buyers cash on delivery (COD) TLDR; quicker business growth and greater revenue.

But this is not a one-sided battle. Here’s how the Shopify and GlowRoad collaboration will help sellers that use their reselling platform to build a dropshipping business. Do you want to establish your own dropshipping company in India? To use GlowRoad, create an online store with Shopify.

How can Shopify assist dropshipping businesses that use GlowRoad?

GlowRoad resellers are people who desire to work from home and establish an internet business. They then look at the types of suppliers who want to sell to resellers.

Following the selection of items to sell, the reseller distributes the link to purchase those items to their network. They do this by sharing the URL on their social media channels, profiles, and even chat apps. The majority of people begin their online business by promoting product links to friends and family.

These resellers will be able to launch an online store for their company thanks to the Shopify relationship. This will make it easier for their company to be noticed by a bigger audience, provide them with an online presence from which they may market digitally beyond their network, and allow their target audience to explore more products from their range.

The advantages of utilizing Shopify to expand your GlowRoad dropshipping business in India

  • The setup of an internet store is simple.
  • Customers have access to over 4,400 apps to improve their purchasing experience.
  • improved product marketing and promotion
  • Simple online payment setup
  • Simple order fulfillment tracking
  • Customer data access to increase engagement and retention